Two drive-by shootings yesterday; two juveniles arrested, one got away


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Two drive-by shootings were reported yesterday in the Gainesville area, one in Holly Heights and one in the 1600 block of NE 1st Avenue.

Holly Heights

At about 2:45 p.m., a drive-by shooting in the 600 block of SW 67th Terrace left a bullet hole in an apartment and damaged the windshield of an unoccupied U.S. Postal Service mail truck, but there were no injuries reported. No suspects have been identified or arrested, and Alachua County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

NE 1st Avenue

Multiple Gainesville Police Department (GPD) units responded to reports of shots fired in the 1600 block of NE 1st Avenue at about 3:40 p.m. Several rounds hit a residence in the area, and a witness told officers that while he was in his car at the intersection, a white vehicle pulled up next to him and fired multiple shots, some of which hit his car, and then fled. Officers found two shell casings in the roadway, and no injuries were reported.

In response to a bulletin about the vehicle, evening shift officers found the white vehicle in the 900 block of NE 23rd Avenue at about 10 p.m. and attempted to stop it, but the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed. However, the vehicle sustained damage to a front tire due to speed bumps. The vehicle fled to the area of NE 39th Avenue and NE 15th Street, and three suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. Two juvenile suspects were apprehended; one was tracked by a K-9 but verbally surrendered before the K-9 could apprehend him. One suspect was not found. GPD is continuing to investigate the incident.

  • Start charging the parents 2….force them to actually parent.. we do it with truancy.. why not with this.. go in their backpacks and closests..

    • What if the parents are actually parents and can not control what they do when at work? Should they quit there job to monitor them 24/7 and then become dependent on the government for assistance? These kids need to be held accountable for their actions wether it’s serving time. No parent raise there kids to be a menace to society so please be kinder when it come to some parents.

    • You really need to shut your mouth, you can raise your child right and they will still take it upon their self to do as they pls. So talk what you know and stop pointing your fingers

    • Stop blaming the parents! You don’t know if the parents are training up their kids right! Now days these kids making their own choices and we can’t be around our kids ALL day ….some parents actually work!

  • These young men will quit doing drive bys just as soon as they can get a job as a butcher trainee at the new Springs County Slaughterhouse in Newberry.

  • Holly Heights must be a really dangerous place to live. I am always reading about shootings and murders there. I can’t believe that any responsible landlord would be so neglectful of their units.

      • And really what management company is going to come in or owner and buy that up and convert that neighborhood to something you or I would want to live in it will never happen no matter what.it is the hood. Just stay away. Unfortunately there’s lots of felons in Gainesville and there’s not many properties that will take felons… They have to live somewhere too cedar ridge is just that place that doesn’t ask questions and that’s where they go. Otherwise what can they do go pitch a tent at Grace marketplace I’m sorry they just got kicked out of there too so it’s the only place besides Sweetwater that provides housing for people with a background and you wonder why they keep going back to jail because they have to live that life because they can’t live anywhere else

        • Or you know…. They could just stop committing crimes but yeah, let’s blame it on other people.

        • Ma,

          Having committed a crime in the past and going to jail for it isn’t an excuse to keep doing exactly that. Even though I had never been in jail, I had to live in that environment for a time, and I didn’t adopt that lifestyle. It certainly sucks to have to live in that environment, but it doesn’t mean you have to get sucked into a lifestyle that perpetuates it. Meanwhile, the Banta family of lawyers turns a blind eye to the lifestyle, because they can make more money if they evict and then throw their legal weight around to recoup the remainder of what’s owed on the lease while leasing the same unit to someone else. Rinse and repeat.

    • Brian: It’s not the landlords, it’s the tenants…they destroy where they live by lovingly slovenly and dealing drugs…they destroy their section 8 living…they turn there in units into trap houses..

      • Typo…should be: they destroy where they live by living slovenly and dealing drugs…

  • Section 8 miscreants….soon to be coming to a neighborhood near YOU! That is…..if our current liberal lot of commissioners have their way.

    • Who made you such a judgmental piece of s***? Did you know this section 8 can actually live anywhere in Gainesville as long as the rate is below a cap amount??? And that’s part of the reason the Gainesville is having such a housing crisis right now and everything is so expensive to rent because landlords are purposely pricing their two bedrooms and three bedrooms over the section 8 cap cuz that way they don’t have section 8 residents in their community. So guess what the fancy rich national landlords in Gainesville have created this and they don’t take felons and there’s tons of felons in Gainesville because guess what GPD has a job and put them away with the judges don’t send us them for long so they’re back out in the streets now we’ve created a space where they only have one of two places to live in Gainesville so therefore they’re living that life every single day and it’s just compounding they don’t have a chance

      • And are they bothering you at all when’s the last time you walk through Holly heights so are you scared the bullets going to hit you are you scared that you’re going to have murdered are you scared you’re going to get robbed what does that matter to you because when was the last time you set foot in that neighborhood or plan on it so just keep your comments to yourself I don’t even know why this concerns you

        • Yes, another great point. All of the crime is definitely staying in Holly Heights…. 😐🤡

        • Ma I live right by Holly Heights and wish they would just bulldoze the place down. I have to watch when I am out walking which I love to do but have to only do at CERTAIN times of the day. Witness drug sales weekly and have even witnessed a pervert enjoying himself in plain sight so yes destroy it all for everyone else.

  • Unsafe to live on this side of town yet hard to find anywhere affordable to move away. Doesn’t help the cops don’t like responding to this side of town unless shootings happen.

  • SOS DD in Gunsville USA! Thank the lax proactive enforcement of the juvenile thugs! Tony Jones and Lonnie Scott! GPD has big issues! Keep coddling those juveniles and see what you get!

    • Exactly they are so lenient on them, but I’m learning as I’ve spent more time in Gainesville that they’re looking at the bigger picture because they’re letting stuff go on and then they’re going in and making an arrest and put on indictments for crime that’s been happening for 5 years but they didn’t address the crimes as they went just all at one time. They’ve done it at least three times this year with big groups and I’m sure there’s more to come the problem is that Gainesville is not a part of the federal drug investigation for central Florida. And I’ll be losing all that intel the used to have

  • I don’t know who you are and I really don’t care to know you but I do know that what you’re doing God is going to bring you to him it’s going to bring you to an end you have told so many lives about black community black people may God bless you there are really hard working good God fearing honest loving human beings look we forgave you all and you’re still spitting your evil in your hatred towards us

  • So, another case of African Americans in Gainesville carrying out violent offenses with fire arms. Complete disregard to any and all laws..

    How many post this week, this year. How many alachua county murders… How lop sided does the statistics have to be??

    So….. Do we have enough proof that we have a major problem that can’t go ignored any longer???

    These communities need to be held accountable. Period. High violence in high poverty areas.

    Any other time it has to do with a certain race, its ok to single out the community…… But when it comes to holding a community accountable for actions of wrong doing ….. It’s taken as racist…….

  • No problem, they were just working on their street cred. Boys will be boys. Second amendment and all…

  • Some of these juveniles, parents are already locked up… send them right wit em… Gainesville is not a gang town and for some reason these younger kids think it is… if they want to b apart of a gang, go to Cali or put them behind cell.. we don’t need this kind of gunplay

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