Two inmates charged with arson for starting fire in jail to warm ink for tattoos


Devin Iniko Munguia, 24, and Anthony Jacob Willette, 24, were charged yesterday with first degree arson of a building while people are present and criminal mischief.

According to the arrest report, Willette started a small fire near his bunk in the jail shortly after noon on December 19. The video reportedly shows Willette carrying the fire to a bathroom stall and placing it in a cylindrical hole in the concrete wall of the stall (the toilet paper holder). Willette was reportedly then seen on video walking around near his bunk, spraying air freshener and checking on the fire several times.

Willette reportedly admitted to starting the fire in an attempt to warm ink to make tattoos. Post Miranda, Willette only admitted to bringing the ink to where the fire was and denied starting the fire.

The video also reportedly showed Munguia shielding Willette’s bunk with a blanket while Willette started the fire, and Munguia is later seen grabbing toilet paper and placing it into the hole where the fire was. Post Miranda, Munguia said he didn’t know what Willette was doing and that Willette just asked him to hold the blanket up. Munguia also reportedly said that when he saw the fire, he immediately went to get a spray bottle to put it out, but Willette told him it was “all good.” Munguia said he then went outside to the recreation area.

According to the report, the video evidence “completely contradicts the statements made by Munguia.”

Both Munguia and Willette have been charged with arson and criminal mischief because of the damage done to the electrical outlet.

  • Too bad the taxpayers will be paying for this as these two most likely have nothing to give. Where did they get the ink from?

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