Two killed, two injured in two overnight shootings


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Two overnight shootings left two dead and two injured; no suspects have been apprehended in either case.

At about 12:17 a.m., Gainesville Police Department (GPD) officers responded to a report of a shooting at the intersection of NE 8th Avenue and Waldo Road. Officers found a woman in a car who had been shot while driving through the area of the 300-500 blocks of SE 15th Street. There were four bullet holes in her car, and she was hit by shrapnel. The woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries; no description of the suspect is available at this time.

At about 1:45 a.m., a 911 call was received from a person who said he had been shot. He was transported to the hospital, and GPD responded to the 200 block of NW 3rd Avenue, where they tactically advanced to a residence. Officers found a male victim on the ground who had been shot in the head and killed. While conducting a safety sweep of the residence, they found a female victim inside who had also been shot in the head and killed.

After the residence was cleared, a perimeter was established, and a request was sent to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ASO) for K-9 assistance, although one of the GPD K-9 teams was on duty at the time and was not deployed. The request was initially approved by an ASO shift commander, but the approval was overturned by members of the command staff; as we have written previously, an ASO spokesman told us the agency will not provide K-9 assistance to GPD except in an “exigent” situation. GPD conducted a grid search and deployed a drone but did not locate any suspects.

Investigation of both incidents is continuing.

  • it’s time we stand up to this BS and protest whats going on in OUR city. Any LAWBIDING citizens want to get together for a rally? I’m tired of hearing about this sh*t everyday. I’m tired of the State’s Attorney’s office dropping charges, judges who release these career criminals who are getting slaps on the wrist, tired of hearing about the black on black crime and the weekly shootings and killings, I’m tired of hearing about the grace Marketplace bums and ALL this other equality lie bullshyt. Tired of hearing about how our law enforcement agencies have their hands tied and are understaffed. It’s time something is done, THEY HAVE RUN THIS CITY INTO THE GROUND!

    • It is time to move my friend. After 28 years of living here as an adult, Gainesville has become the sanfrancisco/berkeley of the east. The blue flame burns bright here, sad is an understatement.

    • Bodybagz: start with the drugs, and vagrants and closing Grace and sending the climate refugees back to where they came from. Increase the size of jail. Zero tolerance for panhandling. 3 days temporary help at Grace to get job or get on your feet or a bus ticket out of town.

  • This is getting too commonplace. The Duval shooting is near the proposed new sports/event venue and Citizens Field redo. And next to the new community center where others were killed.
    The downtown double-H site is very high rent, not like Duval. We have to focus on un-welcoming the varied criminal elements feeling so comfy in Wokeville.

      • Explain what is false about JeffK’s factual statements. A reduction in the criminal element is bad/false how? Duckpond rent is expensive. 300 SE 15 street is a bad part of town and is about a mile from citizens field.

    • Shooting range? I mean, paintball range. There’s a couple on the western side of the county but the buses don’t go out that far.

  • Thanks to the city commission GPD is now in a bind that they can not conduct proper textbook searches for violent criminals. I understand that there may be hesitation by the county not wanting to involve itself in the BS Woke issues plaguing the city. Stay alert my friends the next potential victim could be you.

    • The county’s refusal to provide a K-9 unit is a political stunt by ineffective Clovis Watson. More violent crime is on the horizon.

      • I don’t think it’s political, Watson is a democrat just like everyone on charge at GPD and city government. City of Gainesville “leaders” have chosen to take their K-9s out of service. If leadership is unwilling to use GPD’s k-9s, why should the sheriffs department deploy their k-9s to assist GPD? Leadership in Gainesville needs to get their act together and stop kowtowing to the criminals whining about k-9s biting them, if they do as the officers say, the dogs stay in the car!

  • i-75 is the alachua county demilitarized zone border for me, may have to be adjusted to sr 241 / jonesville soon!

    • Its ok as long as you stay out of Majestic, Holly heights, cedar ridge, green leaf and Arredondo.

  • It’s Black History month… let’s see how many matter and how many become part of history.

    • If I’m not mistaken it wasn’t just black on black crime in these recent shootings other races were involved also. So please keep Black History Month out of this…..spread love and stop the hate!!!!!!

    • What does that have to do with anything? Because black n white families have lost their child!! How dare you.. should have been you! .. karma is real. Next time it might be you! But noone cares so you won’t make history!! The things people say in these comments. Y’all would never. Say it in public!! So if you can’t stand on your words. Why stand behind a computer and think you made a point!! If you feel like that please go say it loud and clear cross town

  • As law enforcement presence decays, this type of crime will continue to rise. Certain neighborhoods are like war zones, where a bullet or shrapnel can come from any direction and hit the innocent. And now restrictive K9 policies will allow perps to more easily elude capture.

  • Hats off to all law enforcement that caught this guy! This girl was my friend. She didn’t deserve this, no matter what color she was. It doesn’t take courage to kill. Just simply stupidity! He deserves death for his crime. No question or politics involved.

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