Two new Alachua County asphalt trailers double pothole repairs

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – The Alachua County Public Works Department announced today that the Department will soon be able to repair twice as many potholes in a day, thanks to the purchase of two new Falco 4-ton asphalt trailers.

Having two new trailers will enable the Department to organize two independent crews, which can work simultaneously in different parts of the County, doubling the number of potholes repaired daily. The trailers are self-contained and come with everything needed to repair potholes, including a built-in burner to keep the asphalt warm and a small roller to compact it once it’s placed in the hole.

The new trailers can easily be pulled by a standard F250 pickup truck, which does not require a CDL license to drive, unlike the old 20-year-old F750 patch truck. This will enable more employees the opportunity to work on the patch crew. The trailers were purchased with existing gas tax funds, not the recently passed Infrastructure Surtax. The Infrastructure Surtax funds are earmarked for much larger repaving projects that will be starting this summer.

    • Good luck! The leftist county scum only care about your tax dollars! They couldn’t care less about the garbage roads that destroy tax payers vehicles! The degenerates that ruin this county are so incompetent that they will not even fix safety barriers on CR 236 or CR 241 that have been damaged for over a year. If someone dies due to the worthless scum deciding not to fix these barriers, I hope they are sued for millions! I have taken pictures of these barriers in case I hear or read some one dies at one of these 2 areas dues to barriers not being fixed!

  • Too bad the state can’t force city of Gainesville to fix 53rd Ave at Main Street. We’ve hit smaller ruts at hogwaller.

  • Now if they can just get people to fill the positions.

    May be difficult seeing as how many have been paid to stay home for the past 2 years.

  • Now if they can just not overfill the potholes and make them like speed humps as they done on 23rd Boulevard. Is it really super hard to fill a pothole with asphalt and make it level?

    • You must remember they are government employees, there is no inspection when government employees do the work. Kind of strange because government employees inspect private contractors work before contractors are paid!

  • I’m with 5string, I also drive 235 A every day, instead patching hole why not pave the road, instead of buy land that comes off the tax roll

  • I also drive 235A every day . The part south of SFHS is so bad that most of us drive half on the road and half on the bicycle lane. The part north of the high school is the worst road around Alachua. Even when they patch it, the quality of work is so bad, that within a few weeks, the patches fall apart.

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