Tyler Yoho supports Gavin Rollins, says Kat Cammack is nothing like his dad


During a virtual fundraiser for Gavin Rollins on Thursday, June 18, hosted by The Ward Scott Files, Tyler Yoho, the son of Congressman Ted Yoho, declared his support for Rollins.

Ward Scott asked Tyler Yoho to explain why he is supporting Rollins rather than his father’s former Deputy Chief of Staff. Yoho replied, “That’s a fair question. It’s more about why I’m supporting Gavin than why I’m not supporting Kat, but I’ve known Kat since the day she got to Florida, when she started working on my dad’s campaign. Everyone could tell that she was extremely ambitious… that’s not a bad thing, but when your ambition starts overriding your integrity, that’s kind of a deal-breaker for me.

“That’s also one of the many reasons she was fired, replaced, or reassigned, whatever the heck you want to call it, from D.C. as Chief of Staff and made to move back to Florida. Regardless of how many times Kat says my dad’s name, that’s not an endorsement or anything by him. And that doesn’t make her Yoho 2.0. They’re basically nothing alike. They couldn’t be more different.”

Ted Yoho posted this today on Facebook: “My response in regard to my son Tyler Yoho’s statement that Kat Cammack was ‘fired, replaced, reassigned or whatever you want to call it.’ In 2013 Kat Cammack was demoted from Chief of Staff in my Washington, DC office to Deputy Chief of staff and reassigned to the district in Florida for reasons not to be disclosed, but not for the sole purpose of working on my re-election campaign as has been alluded to. She continued to work for our office in a satisfactory manner until she decided to run for Congress herself. No further comments are warranted.”

  • Kat was a loyal Yoho lackey for seven years. She is entitled to be the next teapublican congress critter from the 3rd District. Our new glorious Springs County deserved a rep like Kat.

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