UF and Santa Fe College lift most COVID restrictions


The University of Florida and Santa Fe College have announced the end of most COVID restrictions.

University of Florida

The University of Florida sent out a Campus Brief on March 23, stating that “we have entered a quieter period of the pandemic,” so mask guidance is being updated. In contrast to the university’s previous approach of “expecting and/or strongly encouraging masking,” new signs indicate masks are welcome and “express support for those who wish to continue to wear them for their safety or the safety of others.” The new sign is shown above.

Masks will continue to be required in patient-facing areas of UF Health’s hospitals and clinical practices.

The Campus Brief says measures may be re-introduced “if deemed to be medically sensible.”

Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College sent out an email on March 26, stating that “all COVID restrictions across all SF properties” will be lifted effective March 31, adding that “Masks will continue to remain optional.” However, the email also said the college would “continue contact tracing and encourages students and employees to continue to report any COVID symptoms.”

  • Such arbitrary nonsense…
    Will people ever be able to trust those running our major societal institutions again?
    Those in authority have, for the most part, destroyed their credibility by their fear-driven or authoritarian motivated policies that have caused immeasurable harm to so many people over the past two years.

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