UF breaks record for most fist bumps by mascot in 3 minutes

BY JARRED SPANOS, Alachua Chronicle correspondent

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gators don’t just chomp prey – they chomp records, too.

So many records have been broken at the University of Florida, but none of them have been by a mascot. Emmitt Smith, Trinity Thomas, Al Horford, Kelly Barnhill, and Pete Alonso all broke records at the University of Florida, and now we can add Albert to this list.

The event started at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 17. Students were lined up outside the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium with hopes of watching a record break. When the time came, they were leaning over the guard rail, in anticipation of Albert beating the record.

In the center of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, 30 people were chosen to run in a circular formation and fist-bump Albert more than 220 times, the existing record for fist-bumping a mascot in 3 minutes. Despite the swampy grass, Albert beat the record. He was fist-bumped 340 times! The song “Eye of the Tiger” played, and each bump intensified as the song and challenge progressed. The Gators got closer to surpassing the record and eventually succeeded, going on to obliterate it.

Albert won big, and so did the Gators. Pizza was provided for all of the students in attendance. It is every student’s dream, across the nation, to be the best of the best, and our fans felt it. There is no better way to celebrate such an unimaginable feat than being tossed a UF t-shirt to commemorate the victory, and they got that, too.

Music was playing, and so were the students. Everyone was able to experience the victory in style.

The night eventually came to an end and everyone went home. The Minnesota Lynx’s record was stolen and is now in the hands of Albert the Alligator. The only question left to ask is… What’s next?

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