UF Health doctor arrested on domestic battery charges

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gibran S. Khurshid, 53, a surgeon at UF Health and professor in the College of Medicine, was arrested early this morning and charged with domestic battery and false imprisonment.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call about a possible domestic battery in progress at about 10:56 p.m. last night; the Combined Communications Center reported that a woman could be heard on the line screaming, “He’s going to kill me,” along with sounds of a struggle.

Deputies made contact with a woman walking away from Khurshid’s house and reportedly observed a red mark under her eye. The woman was reportedly visibly distraught but said nothing had happened. She eventually told deputies that she was in Gainesville to visit Khurshid, her boyfriend, for his birthday, but they got into an argument.

Post Miranda, Khurshid reportedly said he never hit the victim and gave deputies access to security camera footage of his driveway, where the altercation took place. Deputies reported that the video clearly shows Khurshid hitting the woman multiple times, as well as kicking her while she was on the ground screaming; the video then shows him dragging the victim back toward the house while repeatedly punching her in the face. The victim can reportedly be heard screaming, “He is going to kill me,” in the video.

Khurshid has no criminal history, and Judge Walter Green set bail at $15,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • She said he was going to kill her and the judge sets bail at only $15,000?

  • Why do some people not remember there’s video cameras and phones EVERYWHERE nowadays, including their own?

  • He used to shop at a store I worked. Never friendly, never unfriendly, never actually said anything… always had that same neutral expression he has in this mugshot. So it goes.

  • “Deputies reported that the video clearly shows Khurshid hitting the woman multiple times, as well as kicking her while she was on the ground screaming; the video then shows him dragging the victim back toward the house while repeatedly punching her in the face.” Duh this is why we avoid Shands/UF HC at all costs–ya never know.

  • That is a very stressful job he has. Surely this will be taken into account.

    • There are a lot of stressful jobs in healthcare. It doesn’t give him a pass. By this logic anybody in a high stress job should be given a pass on abuse. BTW he’s a jerk on his job too.

  • Maybe he should quit his job if it’s that stressful and do something else before he kills someone. He needs to be held accountable just like anyone else for his actions. Someone doesn’t just all of a sudden get caught, usually it’s a pattern of violence that finally comes out in the open. She tried to defend him. The abused trying to defend the abuser. It’s a vicious cycle. He needs to do some prison time and reevaluate his life. Giving him a small fine isn’t going to cut it.

  • I hope Shands/UF conducts a complete medical and psychological evaluation of this Doctor. It needs to occur before ever entering the Hospital or classroom again! Serious and could have been a life-threatening event. The bail was ridiculously low and did not reflect the severe nature of this crime.

    • Green never does “reflect the nature of the crime” this one or any other. His bail is always consistently low. We need to vote him out.

  • Well for a first time offender on a domestic battery in most jurisdiction.This bond is normally lower then this. The 8th judicial circuit for years has been know to be easy going when it comes to bonds. You guys keep singling out Judge Green when there has been a history of judges though out this circuit that has ROR felons and career criminals for years. My question to you guys have you ever written a bond or been thru the bond process better yet go look at some of the other circuits and you will see that this bond is reasonable.

    • While Judge Green often gives low bonds, this appears to be reasonable, 1st offense, 53 you with no prior record and with his medical license hanging in the balance.

  • He certainly wouldn’t make it as a doctor visible to his patients, with all that hair on and around his face. Unsanitary, too.

  • Time for this doctor to relocate his practice to another city. Hope Shands helps him make that decision.

    • RN here… he will likely lose his license. If he doesn’t, he’ll have to go thru some type of serious anger management therapy, and he will absolutely be monitored by the state.

      • He won’t lose his license. UF is very good at protecting these guys. Steve Robiscek, and Christoph Seubert are two abusive guys on the job and good examples of UF Shands maintaining abusive faculty, despite multiple complaints over several years.

  • Not sure what’s going on with him. His actions are appalling, but he has been a compassionate and wonderfully skilled surgeon to me. He has been instrumental in saving my life.

    • He is a good surgeon, but a jerk to the staff around him. This didn’t surprise anyone who knows him.

  • Not sure what’s going on with him. His actions are appalling, but he has always been a compassionate and extremely skilled surgeon to me. He was instrumental in saving my life.

  • He’s an extremely competent eye doctor.
    Really hate reading this about him.

  • It’s obvious that you guys know little about the criteria for bonds. I can pull up many cases of Judges giving bonds lower then this on a first time offender. I guess you guys haven’t been around the court system as long as I have. So many of you hiding behind fake names but not me. Calling out a Judge while I can prove facts. Hello Amanda where are you??

  • This Dr has a pattern of severe verbal abuse to fellow employees in the operating room including my daughter. In one instance he even went as far as telling her he would like to hang her above the operating table because she couldn’t control her coughing during a surgery. He has been reported to his supervisors on numerous occasions. Unfortunately he is only one of a couple doctors that performs a special surgery that brings in big bucks for UF/ Shands. Their answer to her when she reported him on several occasions was to agree not to have her ever work with him again after she told them she would get a lawyer. Hopefully they will finally hold him accountable.

  • not everything posted on the media is true, it could have been a tragic misunderstanding, I have known the guy for 8 years, and he has taken care of my family and hundreds of my friends
    he does philanthropic work worldwide and restores sights of may thousand patients a year.
    I wish him the best and will keep him in my prayers, and hope truth comes out soon

  • very sad media story, but he is not the kind of this guy, who will beat a woman,
    Kurshid saved my 5 years old only eyesight when no one would touch him very sad story, but he is not the kind of guy, who will beat a woman, I always find him very compensate, loving, devoting to his patients

    • I’ve seen him restore eyesight for hundreds of patients. However, at the same time he was extremely abusive to the OR staff while operating. He restored people’s sight while at the same time destroy stag self esteem and workplace morale.

  • Video evidence of him hitting and kicking her along with audio of her screaming and sounds of a struggle

    I don’t care if he’s the second coming of you-know-who to some people .. he has no right to do that to her – unless, of course, he can prove self-defense, which it sounds like he can’t. Those who say “he’s not that kind of person” , you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

  • It is so terrible and scary that you are trying to justify violence. NOTHING, not even cheating, would justify violence.

  • This is truly a distorted look at reality. End the relationship and walk away. There is no excuse for abuse and violence. Did you make these same excuses for OJ Simpson? Probably not.

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