UF Health no longer requires its employees to mask – unless they’re unvaccinated


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – UF Health has updated the masking requirements for its healthcare settings, following new guidance from the CDC that was released on September 23. The CDC now recommends that healthcare workers wear “respirators or well-fitting facemasks or cloth masks” if the COVID-19 Community Level is “high”; if the level is “medium” or “low,” masks are now optional. Alachua County is currently at the “medium” level; the masking policy issued by UF Health on October 11 states that community levels will be reviewed weekly to determine whether to change the masking requirement.

The CDC still recommends masks for healthcare workers who have COVID-19 symptoms, have had close contact with someone with COVID-19, work in a unit experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak, or “have otherwise had source control recommended by public health authorities.”

The CDC also issued guidance on August 11 that removed the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated people; all recommendations are now the same for the two groups.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires all hospital employees to have at least the initial vaccination series (one dose for Johnson & Johnson or two doses for Pfizer and Moderna) unless they have a medical or religious exemption. Perhaps because of this requirement, the CDC guidance for healthcare workers does not have any separate recommendations for unvaccinated healthcare workers, but UF Health’s new guidance requires unvaccinated employees to wear N-95 masks “when in all areas of UF Health hospitals and hospital outpatient facilities.”

UF Health employees who have provided proof of COVID-19 vaccination are given a “health care hero” sticker to wear on their ID badge. Any employee who does not have this sticker is required to wear an N-95 mask. The requirement also applies to students “engaged in learning experiences and/or clinical rotations”; any staff working in the hospitals or outpatient facilities, regardless of their employer arrangement; volunteers; and vendors.

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The Florida legislature passed a bill last November that prevented employers from firing employees who are not vaccinated; the legislation requires employers to accept exemption forms provided by the Florida Department of Health. However, the bill did not ban discrimination against unvaccinated employees, and Cox Communications, for example, forced unvaccinated employees to use separate restrooms in 2021.

  • The CDC stated that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission or infection. A Pfizer official admitted the vaccine was not tested to prevent transmission. And still the hospital thinks unvaccinated are more dangerous than vaccinated.

    I hope the employees rally to organize a lawsuit and shut that down.

  • 2022 and these clowns still act like the vax does anything for parties other than perhaps those who got the vax themselves. Disgusting, especially considering basically everyone has real natural antibodies nowadays.

  • Didn’t our genius President say the Pandemic is over?

    We’re going to look back on this whole pandemic confusion in five years and shake our heads in shock and disbelief.

  • “Pfizer Exec Concedes COVID-19
    Vaccine Was Not Tested on
    Preventing Transmission Before

  • Many in academic health care centers will continue to defend the vaccines regardless of the accumulating data showing minimal benefits and significant potential harm. After all, these doctors are human beings who started their careers with noble aspirations to relieve suffering and prolong life. It will be a crushing weight upon their reputations and their souls to realize unwarranted enthusiasm for these novel vaccines may have harmed innumerable patients. Psychology predicts ego-defenses such as denial will strongly come into play. This is tragic because it may prolong both psychological and immunological harm.

    I think it may be telling to look at the “Percentage of Cases Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated (UF Health)” compared to “Percentage of Cases Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated (NFRMC)” on the Alachua County Covid Dashboard —


    This dashboard confronts us with two indisputable facts — (1) at the time of this comment, the dashboard has not been updated since early September; and (2) there is a clear discrepancy regarding the ratio of unvaccinated to vaccinated patients between the hospitals. The UF Health data virtually ALWAYS shows a predominance of unvaccinated patients, while the NFRMC data shows an evolution over time, concluding with a predominance of vaccinated patients. This situation is statistically highly unlikely since each hospital essentially draws from the same overall population. I’m not saying UF Health is “cooking the books”, but I am saying that this discrepancy warrants a closer look, as well as emphasizing the need to update the data for the last several weeks.

    Many unvaccinated employees probably have superior immunity as the result of natural infection. Requiring them to wear masks is “keeping the dream alive” for those who are not ready to accept the possibility that their hasty edicts may have been based on erroneous assumptions.

    • That’s especially true if you are a doctor with a god complex, like many are. The mask is obviously part of the woke religion and a smoke signal to other communists. Maybe it’s a form of self-punishment for self-hating white people, among other things. “Think about all the slaves in chains in the 1700s while you wear your masks! And don’t smile, ever! Soy every day keeps the testosterone away!””

  • We sure have a lot of armchair experts on this site. No one of which finished high school, probably.

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