UF student charged with providing false identification, trying to smuggle communication device into jail


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Emily Faith Lampi, 20, was arrested early Wednesday morning and charged with introducing contraband into the jail, resisting arrest without violence, underage drinking, and giving false identification to a police officer.

A Gainesville Police Department (GPD) Officer was patrolling W. University Avenue in uniform after midnight and saw drinks being thrown down from a balcony at 1700 W. University Avenue. The officer, who was also conducting underage drinking enforcement, reportedly saw Lampi holding a beer and then throwing it to the ground. The officer wrote that she asked Lampi to provide identification proving she was old enough to possess an alcoholic beverage, and Lampi allegedly refused.

The officer wrote that she asked her again to provide identification, and she refused again. Lampi was then escorted out of the bar, and in a search incident to arrest, two identification cards were reportedly found in her purse. Lampi also allegedly twisted away from officers, resisting the search, and ignored commands to place her hands behind her back.

At one point, Lampi allegedly grabbed an officer’s gun that was in a holster. She was ordered to release her grip on the gun, but she allegedly refused, and her hand reportedly had to be pried from the gun.

Lampi was originally charged with resisting arrest without violence under the name Samantha Lampi, but detention officers at the jail later told the arresting officer that an abnormality had been found after scanning Lampi while booking her; officers conducted a strip search and reportedly found a Fitbit smartwatch that Lampi had allegedly hidden in her undergarments in an attempt to smuggle it into the jail. The watch is reportedly capable of sending and receiving messages. Jail staff also reportedly contacted GPD later to report that Lampi had initially provided a false name to officers and that she is not old enough to possess alcoholic beverages, based on her correct birth date.

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Lampi has no criminal history and was released on her own recognizance.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • She’s hot. She’ll get a slap the wrist. That’s ok with me tho cause she is hot.

  • Young, stupid and probably the first time ever held accountable for anything. Do we blow up her life for this incident? It’s part of a long culture in this University City. Underage drinking and party mentality. It won’t stop by making her an example. Every Gator game weekend it’s on every corner.
    She has been publicly embarrassed her Parents probably notified and the University as well.
    I suggest alcohol abuse counseling and a significant number of community service hours in a real eye opening situation. If she completes the community service and probation officer recommendation. Purge her arrest information. Let’s not ruin her life over this.

    • It was just UF students getting drunk when the hurricane was coming and classes were canceled the next day, not a convention of skid row alcoholics in need or intervention and treatment. Most underage students have fake IDs; that’s hardly unusual. She doesn’t necessarily look underage, so I don’t know why the female cop singled her out to hassle. The cops should have better things to do.

      • Maybe she was “singled out”for throwing her alcoholic beverage off a balcony onto the sidewalk below? Sounds kinda dangerous, I’m sure the pedestrian who is about to get hit by the alcoholic beverage wouldn’t appreciate it.

        • I’m pretty sure drinks are served in clear, flimsy little plastic cups. It would be like getting hit with a dixie cup. Chances are she was fooling around with her friends down below and not trying to injure some stranger. Did anyone complain about being attacked with a drink? (Of course not.) Midtown/UF Plaza pays someone to pick up the litter at the end of the night, and the police should not feel compelled to start enforcing littering laws on private property, especially when half the other people there are equally careless. And there’s nothing illegal about a little tomfoolery regardless of how rigid and humorless the local brain-dead leftists usually act. Are the cops ‘equitable’ in terms of policing Fletcher’s the same way, like overzealous hall monitors? I seriously doubt it. Maybe she found a beer can the someone had left on the ground, picked it up, and put it back down. It never says she was seen drinking from it.

      • Underage drinking is really unimportant. GPD should focus on getting criminals off the streets, not harassing students. I suppose our local justice system will just release the real criminals anyways, so it doesn’t even matter.

    • Whatever, hold her ass accountable like they do everyone else. No excuse for nonsense. She grabbed at and gripped an officers gun. Are you crazy or are you missing something here?!!

  • I would rather have the cops leave the underage student alone and remove the vagrant living In the tent
    By the creek on 8th Ave near 15th st…I called dispatch twice yesterday and no one ever came by to check it out…how many times do I have to call law enforcement to come and check it out?

  • She had her hand on the gun and they aint shoot her only a white girl let her would have been BLACK this would be a different story

    • So true, body slam , punch , she would have gotten a beaten, if she escaped being killed

      • Oh pulllesssee this is utter bull. If she’d been black they’d have ignored it all together.

    • Seems it would have been different story the second she twisted away from the cop if she was anything other than a pretty little thing, white or black. No way she should have gotten RoR, they should make mommy and daddy come and bail her out.

      • The cop didn’t see her drink any beer. Picking up a can off the ground and putting it back down is not illegal. Likewise, playing drunk games with your friends (tossing little plastic cups off the balcony) is not a crime. They probably know this case isn’t going anywhere and they’ll be lucky if she doesn’t end up suing the city and winning. Someone will have to end up asking… did the lady cop find her attractive and want to interact with her, up close and personal?

        • MIP – minor in possession. You don’t have to be drinking it only possessing

    • Amen we all know that’s the truth. Sad but true and no I’m not racist I love everyone.

  • So it’s sympathy for the alcoholic underage drunk? Oh yeah, don’t forget the fact that she DID grip the officer’s pistol!!
    Excuses for the college student, but hell for the lower-class civilian.

    You got to be joking?!?!

    • Right, they had to PRY her hand off the gun. Meaning she knew what she was doing and was intentionally refusing!!! Let it would have been someone else, would have been under the jail!!!

    • The main part is that she’s white, no sympathy at all if she was a black uf student.

      • The “main part” is that she resisted arrest and I don’t think a black UF student would have been treated any differently.

  • They will give her a slap on the wrist she’s a UF student and she’s white they definitely will sweep this under the rug but had she been African American they would have beat them half to death and the bond would have been extremely high sad but true the system is wicked and racist

  • The white privilege goes a long way, what about the part where she grabs the officer gun, no tased , no charges for that , lol, comments here are so what if she did , she’s white , we can do that if we want.

    • What a totally invalid post. I personally have worked hard all my life for my “White privilege” and am still awaiting it.

  • Had her shade just been a little browner she would have been charged and still held. There are a lot of those cases. Further establishing a precedent already set.

  • Why are you publishing this? It’s absolutely ridiculous. If having a fake ID and drinking beer is that big of an issue the majority of university students would be arrested and charged. The girl made a mistake, she’s facing charges, absolutely no reason to publish this. Take it down.

  • Resisting without violence even though she tried pulling and twisting away and her hands had to pried away from the officers gun!!! That is a great example of being privileged. I am going to stop now!

  • Drunk, Fake ID, Babbling Idiot…I could care less.

    SHE GRABBED A COP’S GUN AND HAD TO HAVE HER FINGERS PRIED OFF! Do you really want ANYONE grabbing a cop’s gun? White, Black, Purple…What part of this is difficult to understand?

    She’s a Peer Advisor at UF. Absolutely make an example of her.

    And if you want to help pay for her cruise so she can study at sea…https://www.gofundme.com/f/emilys-semester-at-sea-voyage-2023

    I’m assuming she’s refunding the donations or sending the money to SW Florida.

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