FOUND: UFPD asks community for help finding College of Nursing cat that was taken by couple in pickup truck

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The University of Florida Police Department is asking the community for any information about a community cat that may have been taken from the University of Florida campus.

The cat, who lives at the College of Nursing and is cared for by employees, is believed to have been picked up by a woman with “dyed purple hair” in the parking circle on Center Drive and placed in a dark-colored pickup truck or similar vehicle between 5 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, July 2.

The cat’s name is Precious, and she has tabby striping in gray and peach patches; her left ear is cropped, and she has an eyelid deformity. She requires a special diet.

Anyone with information about Precious is asked to call Theresa Sumrall at 352-681-3208.

    • People that are looking for the cat should be shot?

      2nd amendment supporter but really confused by your comment and why guns would have anything to do with this


    The couple who took Precious on 7/2 called me this afternoon after finally seeing one of our flyers!

    You guys did it. Every share, every bit of word of mouth, every text and group chat, you did it Thank you, thank you.

    Precious is with me for right now, and has a vet visit scheduled for tomorrow, where we will see what this misadventure has done to her whole kidney situation. I’m preparing people for the possibility that it’s time for the daily subcutaneous fluids, and I know people here at the colleges will be eager to apply for the job of Precious’ Retirement Home.

    Thank you all so much. She’s safe now and everyone has already been spreading the word that she’s been found!! This is really fantastic news.

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