University of Florida issues statement about mask pathogen reports


The University of Florida has issued a statement about a local story that has gone national regarding dangerous pathogens found on face masks worn by children:

“The University of Florida Mass Spectrometry Research and Education Center routinely conducts lab tests for members of the public as requested, as it did for Ms. Donoho. However, it is important to note that we had no way of establishing the chain of custody for these masks and to what conditions they were exposed prior to the lab test. To draw any conclusions is premature and a more controlled, peer reviewed research is warranted. It is also important to note that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies indicate wearing a mask is among the most effective measures for preventing and mitigating the spread of COVID-19.”

  • Those masks are dirty filthy and it’s all about control…
    The people who are still wearing them are doing it as a political statement or they are nuts…something that has
    A 99.7% survival rate is an acceptable risk…I can make
    A liberal commi lose their mind in 60 seconds..

  • I think it’s great to bring up the importance of chain of custody. If it applies to masks, it certainly applies to ballots.

  • […] The University of Florida’s statement qualifying their lab report on the masks they examined and rushing to take refuge in the CDC’s antediluvian rhetoric ignoring all studies on mask harms and quite literally posting deceptive instructions to keep wearing masks despite their uselessness and downright harm to human health is reported here: […]

  • The moment we still import things and goods from China… the diseases keep going on … a silent but deadly war on us ….think about it

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