“Unless, of course, I don’t get caught”


  • “I don’t like being a person who doesn’t do the right thing” is a confession and does not absolve her of
    Her crime. She needs to do the walk of shame: they
    Need to fingerprint her, take her mugshot, plead guilty,
    And throw herself at the mercy of the court is the right
    Thing. She should be banned from running for public office
    Ever again. She got caught. She had criminal intent…
    She knew or should have known. We cannot tolerate crooked politicians…it undermines the whole system. They need to make an example
    Out of her. Shame, shame, shame. Saying “I’m sorry”
    Don’t cut it either. Did Cornell & the others on the county
    Commission know and we’re they complacent? If so,
    Then they are guilty too. An investigation is in order.
    Wasn’t there questions about Santos-Hayes when he
    Ran for the city commission? Don’t do the crime if you
    Can’t do the time. These democrats are experts at cheating. This is a systemic problem like with McGraw
    And the school board.

    • Yep! If you believe Hayes Santors unbelievable story, he parked his bicycle at a friends house he was moving in with the day before the deadline. Was sued for it but the other man lost due to not enough evidence. The the boy had to fund raise to pay his lawyer. Should have been removed day one. A failure at everything. Jobless too.

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