Unofficial election results


With early votes and all precincts reporting (but some mail-in votes still to be counted), here are the election results for Alachua County. You can check for updates here, and statewide election results can be accessed from the side menu here.

Congressional District 3 (includes votes from other counties in district)

Kat Cammack (REP) 57.23%
Adam Christensen (DEM) 42.77%

State Representative, District 10 (includes votes from other counties in district)

Chuck Brannan (REP) 78.16%
Rock Aboujaoude Jr (DEM) 21.84%

State Representative, District 21 (includes votes from other counties in district)

Chuck Clemons (REP) 51.12%
Kayser Enneking (DEM) 48.88%

County Commissioner, District 1

Raemi Eagle-Glenn (REP) 37.21%
Mary Alford (DEM) 62.79%

County Commissioner, District 3

Joy Glanzer (REP) 39.63%
Anna Prizzia (DEM) 60.37%


All judges were retained.

High Springs Seat 1

Ross Ambrose 38.46%
Sharon Decker 33.82%
Janet Evan 27.72%

High Springs Seat 2

Gloria James 38.11%
Zachary Walter 36.19%
Katherine S. Weitz 25.70%

Renewal of the Existing One Mill Ad Valorem Tax for School District

YES 78.65%
NO 21.35%

County Growth Management Area

YES 50.05% (too close to call)
NO 49.95%

Natural Resource Protection

YES 70.69%
NO 29.31%

Elimination of Racial and Gender Bias

YES 73.90%
NO 26.10%

Affordable Housing Trust Fund

YES 63.85%
NO 36.15%

Treasurer Reports

YES 64.06%
NO 35.94%

Removing Unconstitutional Provisions

YES 69.82%
NO 30.18%

Gainesville – City Clerk

YES 79.65%
NO 20.35%

Gainesville – Paved Surfaces

YES 63.49%
NO 36.51%

Gainesville – Utility Systems

YES 74.44%
NO 25.56%

Gainesville – Charter Preamble

YES 75.65%
NO 24.35%

  • The city of Gainesville is the most highly UNEDUCATED “educated” city in the entire state of Florida. I’m ashamed to admit the idiots living in Alachua County actually voted to increase their taxes…can you say “I’m a dumb@rse?” Dumb SOBs!
    Bunch of freeloaders.

  • I believe that the students vote for anything that feels good. They are not impacted by the taxes.

    • The effects of voting for every local amendment will be felt by all for years to come. The county will be primed for adding a tax to fund homelessness. What really gets me is the hypocrisy by the liberal left. If they feel so strongly about increasing minimum wages for employees then why don’t they do it on their own volition? Businesses will soon cut back on either their employees’ hours or will be forced to have fewer employees. Worse yet, perhaps be forced to close their doors. Then local government will have to increase taxes even more to provide sustenance for those forced into unemployment. “A government large enough to provide everything is large enough to take it all away from you.”
      The county will be able to dictate what can be done in local jurisdictions. The same thing they cry about state government attempting is what they are now going to impose on rural communities.
      Here’s a great question. If liberals are/were so intent on obtaining guidance from state and federal governmental leadership, why do they so vehemently state they are not going to do what those same leaders say?
      The hypocrisy speaks volumes about their true character.

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