Unofficial results available following election on VoteAlachua.gov

Press release from Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. — Unofficial results for the 2022 Primary Election will be available on the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections Office’s website and Florida Division of Elections’ website following the closing of polling places at 7 p.m. Results will begin appearing around 7:15 p.m. on VoteAlachua.gov and after 8 p.m. on dos.myflorida.com/elections/.

On the Supervisor of Elections Office’s website, the unofficial results page updates in real time the number of precincts reporting, as well as whether early voting and vote-by-mail ballots are included.

  • did AuBroncee Martin do any advertising or yard signs? did AuBroncee Martin even need to?

    2000 Mules love to march all over you

  • It’s almost 9PM and less than half the precincts have reported. What’s going on there?

    • Everything is fine. Nothing is banned, censored, or scammed. Harvey Ward Biden loves you

    • They have to wait until the precints close to figure out how many 2000 Mules Ballots to add in at the end.

    • It’s 10:15 and they still only have 30 of 62 precincts reporting. Something is going on. It’s been over 3 hours since the polls closed.

  • Elections is hard ya’ll, let’s give the Sheriff a call and find that last truckload of Eastman ballots!

  • AuBroncee Martin was always the people’s choice with his finger on the AFL-CIO pulse of the community and now he shall lead us forward for future progress and victory!

  • Seems like Alachua Chronicle is pretending Kim Barton Elections are real and CovidVaxxines never killed anyone. March Faster War Machine!

    all your BlindSpots help me learn to know which way your blows

  • AuBroncee Martin always touched my heart in a special Harvey Ward Biden way

  • down goes Ty Appiah (REP), will he endorse Olysha Magruder (DEM) for November next?

  • Gotta order in for more Fish Tacos, it’s gonna be a Wednesday morning slow roll

  • David Arreola frosted his hair grey, but the inevitable Harvey Ward Biden vs Purple GRU Bielarski November ended up happening.

    What color will David Arreola’s hair be come November?

  • were the Organized Gainesville Churches rooting for the same scams that AFL-CIO was?

  • WPTV: Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson will take on Naomi Esther Blemur to become the next agriculture commissioner of Florida

  • School Board Winners: Certain, McGraw, Rockwell, Abbitt (it’s gonna be a bumpy mask-vaxx ride)

      • you are correct. i have major fact errors.

        Ed Book and James Ingle will go head-to-head in a run-off election as neither candidate earned over 50% of the vote Tuesday night.

        Casey Willits and Dejeon Cain look to battle for District 3

        • Gainesville Sun: Unlike Willits, Cain, 38, argues the city should not move forward with the elimination of single-family zoning. He said he plans to make the debate more of an issue come November

          • “Playoffs baby,” James Ingle said.

            Ingle, 44, currently serves as president of the local electrician’s union and has worked in the community as an electrician for over 25 years

  • UFC Congress District 3 UFC Octagon Cage Match: Kat Cammack (REP) VS Danielle Hawk (DEM)

  • AP: Florida Democrats choose Rep. Charlie Crist to challenge DeSantis (Bye-Bye Witch Nikki)

  • NBC News (99% precincts statewide reporting)




    • Alachua County (100% Precincts Reporting)

      Charlie Crist (DEM)

      Nicole “Nikki” Fried (DEM)

  • SAVE GAINESVILLE! It’s just the beginning of the turnaround. Nov. runoffs here we come!
    It’ll take a few more elections til more voters are aware that city elections moved to the Fall, after being in the Spring for 50 years. To reverse the damage done by the 3% ruling class.

  • Adrian Hayes-Santos begat Bryan Eastman while Sheriff Watson and Susan Bottcher and Harvey Ward Biden smiled

  • (Gainesville Sun: District 2 city commission candidate James Ingle and Prescott Cowles wait to meet Florida governor candidate Nikki Fried during a campaign stop at the Millhopper Branch Library in Gainesville on Aug. 18, 2022)

  • What a joke. Good thing we had such an “expert” in charge of the information systems. Clearly he was hired based on his expertise and experience and not because he’s Arreola’s longtime companion or whatever their exact relationship is.

  • Arreola’s special friend should be terminated and replaced immediately, BEFORE the runoff election.

  • Gov. Ron: Here Alachua County, I appoint a Rethuglican operative on your School Board.
    Alachua County Voters: FU Ron and your little dog too.

  • Does anyone think it’s odd that one Republican out of 4 won the school board. I guess someone forgot to “fix” the count for that seat???

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