Upcoming community meetings to focus on GPD K-9 Unit

Press release from the City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – City of Gainesville leaders have scheduled two community meetings this month to inform neighbors about the status of the Gainesville Police Department K-9 Unit, hear from the community, and answer questions.

First meeting:
When: 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 14
Where: Martin Luther King, Jr. Multipurpose Center, 1028 NE 14th Street

Second meeting:
When: 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 21
Where: Williams Elementary, 1245 SE 7th Ave.

  • Nice to see the city only seeking community input on the east side of town. Everything this town does is to appease the residents of east Gainesville.

  • I must have missed an update. The Cith Manager disbanded the k-9 unit. That’s right after the Chief of GPD put them back on. Now we are having a community meeting to discuss what has already been done. I believe it’s a bit late that cow has not only left the barn but also the pasture. No wonder G’ville is in such financial trouble.
    The three stooges could do a skit on our leaders in this Country.

  • What they need to do is educate the east side that when a law enforcement officer tells you to stay put that’s what you do otherwise you could lose body parts

  • City commission: the Bradley incident is NOT a racial issue- quit making it out to be one! The white or Hispanic criminal who does what Bradley did & escapes ALSO gets the K-9 after them- you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes!
    It isn’t rocket science. Or a racial issue. Until you spin it as one, which is clearly what Curry & co are doing for leverage in their Police defunding efforts.

    • Spot on, and frankly, I don’t care that some felon lost an eye, I care that the police officer wasn’t harmed and the felon was apprehended. Good dog!

  • I can’t make it to the meeting…someone please forward my comments:

    1. The police K-9 unit needs to be able to deploy their dogs when they need to without asking the Chief first.

    2. The city & county need a pit-bull ordinance
    Requiring registration and liability
    Insurance for pit-bulls to protect the citizenry from
    Irresponsible owners and to
    assure that bite victims’ medical
    Bills get paid, etc. it’s a shame so
    Many of these beautiful dogs end up
    In the pound and are not adoptable because of being abused and are aggressive. This ordinance will assure responsible pit bull ownership and safety for our citizens. It’s smart. Miami has a pit bull ordinance for a
    Reason. Now GNV & and Alachua county need to address the issue.
    It’s a public safety issue.

  • Just like GRU, wasting the tax payers money. The city manager says JUMP! Chief Lonnie ask ‘how high?’
    And the dogs which cost thousands to train and maintain sit at their handlers homes watching TV.
    No wonder the city is in the shape it is. Poor leadership 😉

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