Upcoming meetings for City of Gainesville

Meeting notices for the City of Gainesville, including agendas and details on how to watch or attend, can be found here.

June 8 update: Added Final Evaluator Meeting – Community Land Trust RFP#210029 Friday, June 11, at 12:30 p.m.
June 7 update: Tuesday, June 8 Commissioner Ward and Commissioner Duncan-Walker Meeting – RE: Neighborhood Reinvestment has been canceled and rescheduled for July 20th

  • Where is info on upcoming county meetings? Monday is the joint BOCC/Alachua City Meeting. These joint meetings are held at the various localities for the convenience of the citizens. The BOCC/Alachua meeting is in the Grace Knight room at the county office in Gainesville. Why? The city of Alachua does not have live internet streaming capabilities, as they do not like public participation in their meetings. The Chronicle does not report anything negative about the City of Alachua, as the Alachua Gang has silenced the Chronicle. Sad.

    In really big news not reported, today at 6 PM the motor mouth from the Weird Sortt Frills Podcast is going to have a cow in an undisclosed location in the piney woods of North Florida. The government entity he hates the most is having a meeting for his enjoyment. The 2020 Charter Review Commission is apparently alive and well and spending tax money. Where is the reporting?

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