Upcoming meetings for the City of Gainesville

Public notice

Meeting notices for the City of Gainesville, including agendas and details on how to watch or attend, can be found here.

March 15 update: March 15 SUNSHINE MEETING – Commissioner Ward & Commissioner Chestnut RE: Septic Tanks and March 15 SUNSHINE MEETING: Commissioner Hayes-Santos & Commissioner Chestnut RE: Priorities have both been cancelled.  

  • Interesting…
    “Sunshine Meetings…” ☀️
    And and one of them is about “Priorities…”

  • Right on! Like they are really trying to live by “Government in the Sunshine”, a state law. Hidden emails, voting on things not noticed (firing of GRU GM), and deterrence to public comment by taking names and addresses even before the limited chance to speak before getting cut off are prime examples. Between Lauri “Poe Must Go” POoor, and minority imposter Adrian Hayes S-wad, (claims minority status from step dad, LOL), not sure how they could get much worse.

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