Revised: Upcoming meetings for the City of Gainesville

Public notice

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Meeting notices for the City of Gainesville, including agendas and details on how to watch or attend, can be found here.

Changes on 10/17:

  • Canceled: 10/18 6:00 pm CACCD
  • Added: 10/21 10:00 am Oral Presentation – 220078 RFP for Community and Awareness Center (CSAC) Phase 2

Change on 10/16: Tuesday, 10/18, City Beautification Board 5:00 pm

  • The commies are planning to eliminate single-family zoning throughout Gainesville. This is straight from the communist playbook and a further attempt to destroy the nuclear family. They need to be called out for who and what they are.

  • Yes, Poe and his motley crew of communist-leaning foreigners voted to end single-family neighborhoods in Gainesville. The Cuban girl, the Canadian boy, and wherever the heck Arreola‘s family is from (Hell?). Poe is from North Dakota, which is practically north of the border. None of them are Floridians.

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