UPS employee arrested for stealing marijuana from evidence box shipped by Alachua County Sheriff’s Office


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Willie Leroy Robinson, 28, a UPS employee, was arrested Tuesday after allegedly stealing marijuana from an evidence box that had been shipped by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

According to a sworn complaint filed by FDLE, Robinson was captured on security video taking the box, which was labeled “EVIDENCE,” off the conveyor belt at the Gainesville UPS facility. The box reportedly contained a large paper bag with about two pounds of marijuana, a clear bag with 15 vials of THC, and one bag with 3.7 grams of synthetic cathinones powder.

Robinson allegedly positioned a larger box to hide his actions from the security camera after moving the box to the ground, but a co-worker reportedly told detectives that Robinson bent over the box, and then the co-worker saw that the box was open. The co-worker said that Robinson then left the area and came back with a jacket and packing tape; he bent over the box, then left the area with his jacket, which he hid in an outside break area. An unknown person reportedly came to the facility and was captured on video retrieving the jacket from the break area.

In an interview with UPS Security, Robinson reportedly said he smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the box, opened it, and put the marijuana in his jacket. He said he took the marijuana from the facility and smoked all of it. FDLE estimated the street value of the marijuana at $2,000-$3,000. The THC’s estimated street value is $450.

Robinson has no local criminal history, but unspecified criminal convictions are listed in other counties and other states. Judge Susan Miller-Jones ordered him released on his own recognizance.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

    ASO into the weed game now??.
    You would think they would be working on unsolved homicides or the gang violence in Gainesville.. yeah 😅 the weedums is the real threat.. the world is safer now that he’s off the streets 😳..

  • LMAO lying ass, no way in hell he smoked 2 lbs. I’d like to know why the guy that came and picked it up wasn’t prosecuted as well. Come to Gainesville, you can break the law they’ll slap you on the wrist, kiss your ass and set you free in the name of equality.

    • That’s cute homie.. tell me in what world you live in when law enforcement in alachua County ain’t giving people major numbers for major crimes 🤔.. I hate when hubba bubbas trivialize real “Equality” 😒 sounds really crazy coming from Skoal gobbling sh#t stick who thinks Qanon and Wrestling is real.. you and your Khakis sit down and put the Torch out homie.. I’m sure you’re the regular Larry the Cable guy in your Trailer Park 🙄

      • Sorry Homie…The guy’s a thief and got caught…the judge should have ordered a higher bail instead of ROR so he learns his lesson not to steal…not very smart. Do you want to hire a thief to work for you? I don’t.

  • Good job, good wages, good benefits; bad decision.
    Thanks to his idiocy, he only has one remaining.

  • I guess the criminal the evidence was seized from will be released back into the wild to commit more crimes since the evidence has gone ‘up in smoke.’

    Best look beyond the smoke & mirrors – could be an inside job.

  • ROR? It seems the preservation of potential evidence to a criminal proceeding is not important to the judge. Hopefully it isn’t part of a case she will be hearing. If the judges won’t defend the courts, who will?

  • He had a decent job many others would have loved to have.
    Now he will have a drug-related felony, and his employment opportunities have hit rock bottom. Incredible stupidity!
    G’ville is falling apart and all I see is everyone in leadership pulling in great salaries and huge raises. It

  • See, the DEI hirees aren’t working out even when handed on a silver platter an excellent job. Whether it’s the VP Kamala, the WH press secretary, Memphis cops, or UPS drivers.

    • Why are you bringing up VP Kamala Harris? Are you implying she’s somehow involved? Or is that veiled racism?

          • Gil: you took the bait like a rat to expose your & cig107’s racism…
            He made you say how you feel…”exposing swine for the swine they are”…you’re a racist and JeffK triggered you…

        • Cig: it’s not ok that this guy stole something and because he’s black doesn’t make it ok. Another black guy that committed a crime involving marijuana…and people say weed isn’t addictive…
          This guy stole, lost his job, and may go to jail and you condone this? The 10 commandments!!!
          Thou shall not steal. He broke one of God’s commandments.

          • It is definitely not okay to steal.Thou shalt not steal is a commandment and so is love thy neighbor as thyself. These comments are so judgmental. By the way something else we aren’t supposed to do and some almost hateful. We all fall short of the glory and have all made mistakes some probably as idiotic as this young man (drinking and driving comes to mind drugging a lady’s drink ( I live in a college town of course what can I say) we just didn’t get caught. My question is why was ASO sending EVIDENCE by UPS in the first place? Especially weed??? I hope this young man has learned from his mistake and get the helps he needs because if he smoked 2 lbs of weed he has a serious problem. I hope he repents and changes his ways. Grace and mercy are really things. 🙂

      • Biden said he wanted to pick a woman of color for VP. She’s obviously a big failure on par with The Hindenburg disaster. The same for Supreme Court Justice Jackson – he wanted a woman of color. Did she ever figure out what a woman is? She should have some idea since that is half the reason Biden picked her. How about the transvestite stealing all the luggage? Another DEI failure. And Dr. Levine, aka Dr. Frankenstein, presumptive leader of the child mutilation movement. What a bunch of ghouls.

    • Do you have any idea how overcrowded our jails are? There are way more serious offenders that need to be locked up over someone that stole some weed.

  • JENNIFER CABRERA, Your headline lists him as a UPS driver, but the article reported him as working on the conveyance belt (warehouse). He also has numerous traffic violations and it is doubtful UPS would hire him as a driver.

  • Good job with good pay, I know, I used to work there for a while part time. Will be REALLY hard for him to get a comparable job in the future. What a terrible decision!

  • It’s just weed. Wow. Like y’all don’t smoke a joint. Or ever smoked one. Omg!! And what was it doing in the mail anyway? That should have been transported straight to the center not thru mail!! So he should have taken it!! Good job. It’s a learning experience !! At least he’s not killing anyone or molesting these young kids like the ______ are!! Whi====te people huff paint cans. (You can buy from the store legally) then sexual assault their kids!! We smoke trees, relax and eat and listen to our music up load. . We’re not the same!! That’s why they can’t take us!!

    • He has probably stolen other packages, and who knows what else he has done or has not done. It sounds like the cops wanted him released so they could watch him.

    • Lmao you haven’t been reading the news here lately, there’s been a ton of black child molesters featured on here the last few months too.

  • The guy is a thief and got caught stealing…ROR’d for stealing evidence in a criminal case? Now there’s missing evidence for a case that may now have to be dropped…I think he needs an extra charge for tampering with evidence in a criminal case besides the stealing..

  • He wasn’t wrong but sounds like y’all upset he got off on ROR everyone done did something stupid in they life time and that just seemed to have been his like get over it…

    • T: Don’t make me call you a stupid idiot. He was wrong for stealing.
      It’s against man’s and gods law.
      Stupid is as stupid does… he has no excuse…we can’t be letting serial murderers off either. You better not break the law & steal or you won’t be able to get a job either…it’s called personal responsibility…don’t deflect the blame…he owns it.

      • He Definitely owns it. Since y’all check records and all you’ll see there’s no criminal history besides his driving record. You’re absolutely right no excuse but he’s not giving an excuse it’s like ya fighting against each other arguing back and forth debating like you are him. He did it so let him own and go through his own consequences .

    • Can you handle the truth?..What’s the problem here? —His Daddy didn’t teach him that stealing is wrong. Boom!

      • His daddy did teach him don’t mean he’ll listen to be everything. We all mess up it’s a learning experience I’m sure everything isn’t by the book for you I’m sure you didn’t listen to everything you were taught or told to do. The truth is he did WTF he wanted and now he has to deal with the consequences not you or anybody else commenting on this.

  • This is so stupid, weed needs to be legalized like other sensible states have done. And, they’ve done it and not had all the repercussions that the doom and gloom crowd predicted like increased use of hard drugs.

    • Stop making excuses for a criminal…new or old…he finally got caught. It’s not about the weed! He stole merchandise that happened to be evidence In a case.…he coulda stole a iPhone or laptop. He’s a thief and got caught. He wasn’t brought up right…now the judicial system is gonna be his daddy.

    • Just because something is legalized doesn’t mean you can STEAL it from someone else. Likewise, if someone gives you a job, they are not inviting you to steal from the register. That seems to be another common misconception around these parts.

  • This has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana or Kamala Harris. This matter is theft and stealing and nothing else

  • GPD and ASO both announced that people with small amounts of marijuana wouldn’t be prosecuted, to stop all the running from and fighting the police over small amounts of pot. When checking the counties arrest reports it looks like every 3rd arrest in alachua county is “controlled substance without a prescription”.
    This guy stole 2lbs and he was out with no bail?
    Judge Susan Miller-Jones, her name keeps popping up when i see extremely low bails. Does she have some sort of agenda? We should all remember her name during election time, vote her off the bench. she’s making gainesville less safe.

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