Utility Advisory Board Vacancy

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Commission is seeking applicants to fill a non-voting member vacancy on the City of Gainesville’s Utility Advisory Board (UAB), subject to the approval of the City Commission. Non-voting members have the same rights and privileges as voting members, except non-voting members cannot make motions or vote on motions under consideration. The term is for four years (through March 2, 2026). The application deadline is February 18, 2022.
The UAB meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m., the fourth Tuesday of each month for a workshop at 5:30 p.m., quarterly with the City Commission, and as needed for other special meetings.

The UAB advises and makes recommendations to the City of Gainesville Commission regarding all matters of utility governance of the City’s electric, gas, telecommunications, water, and wastewater utilities.

Applicants with any of the following types of experience are encouraged to apply:

  • experience as a utility demand customer
  • experience as a utility service provider
  • investment banking, financial, or certified public accounting experience
  • experience in energy and water conservation
  • experience with business, contract, or corporate law experience, or contract administration
  • engineering experience

The County Commission may recommend the appointment of their non-voting member with any qualifications or experience the County Commission deems relevant or beneficial to service on the utility board. 

Interested applicants may apply online (scroll down the page to Utility Advisory Board).

  • Need someone with great auditing experiance so we can find out where all these mis appropriated funds went

  • Really!? Advertising for a position on a City Utility Board? A non-voting member at that! How many ways is this the most asinine, ridiculous, ignorant position ever being requested to be filled.
    1. The city doesn’t listen to the board.
    2. The member has no voice
    3. There’s no enforcement of potential recommendations
    4. The commissioners want people with experience but ignore that same experience. (See prior GRU manager, auditor & attorney)

    Did I mention the city doesn’t listen to ANYBODY?

    • Thanks! Your comments covered the topic
      Quite well….I forgot what the recent issue was that
      They went against their legal council’s advice too..
      The city commission is out of their collective minds.
      I wouldn’t vote for Bielarski for mayor either..

      • If I was on that board, I would say “ forget about that
        100 renewal energy by 2035 and definitely no climate
        Czar position at GRU or whatever that was the Bielarsky was supposed to appoint.

      • wouldn’t vote for Bielarski for Mayor? Prefer Harvey Ward? Or David Areola?
        We don’t get much choice, but Ed B isn’t a socialist nor innumerate!
        Best choice so far!

  • Maybe , just maybe this list for Utility advisor should be the minimum requirements for a Gainesville City Commissioner and Mayor. I would add weekly drug testing , errors and omissions insurance , and a performance and payment bond of 10 millions dollars. This way when they visit La La land they pay for it and the people that vote or don’t vote in the insolvent City of Gainesville.

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