Video of high-speed chase on Newberry Road

Dash camera and body-worn camera video from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy who pursued Tristan Kalas in a high-speed chase on Newberry Road on Saturday night.

The full story is here.

    • What I meant to ask was–did the ACSO check for a stash of some of those klepto currencies, maybe 100 million or more jammed under the spare tire rim or in a similar hideyhole?

  • We need lots more of those unmarked cars patroling for traffic infractions around GNV.

  • It’s me I’m sorry you guys I didn’t realize how I was endangering my community I promise I will never drive that fast again 💯 one of the stupidest decisions I’ve ever made

    • Thanks for apologizing man. Next time please just pull over. Have a good day and continue to think positive.

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