Watch Mayor Poe’s comments on gun violence

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  • Did you know that 2018 saw more child deaths by HOT CAR (53) than children AND and teachers allegedly shot at Sandy Hook (26) and Parkland (17) combined? (43)

    Poe offers no citations for his misguided comments, Academic, John Lott proves that counties whose citizens are armed tend to have less violence. Chicago has the most restricvite gun laws but suffers the most from gunshot deaths. Pick up a copy of “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies” by – John Lot. Meanwhile, listen to his lecture

  • Listen to Local activist and author; Steve Pieczenik – who also served as a Former State department officer and psychiatrist when he exposes most mass shootings as psychological operations to create a false debate on gun control. (Sandy Hook and Parkland Staged Shootings – (Opus 44 and 57 – Steve Pieczenik)

  • The US has a defacto secret treaty with the United Nations on GUN CONTROL. “US Agrees To Global Gun Control Under UN Authority
    School Shooting PsyOps Spawned By United Nations #Strong Cities Network”. This is all about the globalist AGENDA-21, One world government under neo-feudalism and a tyranny of technocracy, police state tactics

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