We call the shots!


  • Another great caricature of our local tyrants. Thanks Jake for giving some of us something to laugh about in spite of their attempts at controlling every aspect of our lives.

    Even with the mask, doesn’t the character wearing the “crown” resemble the queen from one of the “Alice in Wonderland” movies?

    • Come to think of it, the forehead on the other would give Lt. Aldo Raine an awful lot of real estate to work with as well.

  • Jake captures the current political situation superbly
    With his illustrations… His caricatures are great! The
    Subjects are true to life….very good at calling out the hypocrisy because Poe & Cornell are the tyrants,
    Not DESANTIS. Which brings me to this: These politicians took a loyalty oath to uphold the state & US constitutions…Why are they taking their marching orders from the UN? They are not supposed to be having an allegiance to a foreign entity… Gov.
    DESANTIS should mandate that all elected official reaffirm their loyalty oath to the United States & Florida…if the politician breaks the oath, they should be fined, jailed, or removed from office and the governor will reappoint another. It may be time for this sort of action. In other words, these local politicians need to stay within their jurisdiction and
    Not implementing global plans like Agenda 21 or the
    Great reset… they need to stay in their own lane and
    Fix the potholes here, not be worried about a turtle with a plastic straw in its nose on the other side of the
    Planet. The edicts of Poe & Cornell have caused much psychological & physical damage with their
    Quarantines, masks, & vaccine propaganda. They’re
    Not Americans who believe in freedom & liberty. They’re communists and that’s not what this country
    Is about. They must be forced to support the constitution or be removed.

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