We won’t back down!


  • oh well you get what you vote for and if you dont vote stop bitching welcome to gainesville aka lib town.

  • Should have put him naked behind a sign too. Kill two birds with one work of art; NAACP couldn’t cry racism anymore and Harvey couldn’t claim he’s hiding anything.
    We know he doesn’t have anything to hide… other than the financials.

    Jake, many of us love the way your caricatures speak a thousand words, keep it up.

  • Looks and sounds like ignorant Ward. Like working for a few churches and sponging off his dad makes him qualified to run a large utility and a city. Absurd. Ward, failure Poe, A-drain Hayes wannabe San-toes, D Arreola all unqualified do anything much. All do-nothings with no professional jobs in their adult lives. Poe fired (asked to resign) from Sante Fe (only taught HS kids history and lied he was an economics โ€œprofessorโ€ Hayes/Santos and Arreola both never successful at ANY job. No career whatsoever. Of course they ran this city straight into the ground with all of their stupid ideas. Good riddance for all but Ward, now letโ€™s rid our community of this nut too! ASAP!!!

  • Why now ? Why the concern and the political promise to represent us citizens? We have mostly been irrelevant to our city politicians representing us. Your war cries, and ready for battle mode is way late , and still Self Serving.

  • The city has 46 job postings open and is still hiring employees that were interviewed or in the hiring pipeline. No hiring freeze yet. No progress in cutting spending.

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