Weekly Gator STEP data

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

The following data reflects citations, warnings, and tickets issued by the Gainesville Police Department (GPD) on West University Avenue from March 15-22, 2021. This data is part of GPD’s Gator STEP (Special Traffic Enforcement Program).

GPD continues to focus its efforts on West University Avenue from 34th Street to 13th Street.

If any of our neighbors have ideas or questions they’d like to share with GPD concerning Gator STEP, please feel free to contact us at: gpdpio@cityofgainesville.org

  • Here’s a stat that readers may appreciate.
    Texting violations last year. As reported by Fox51 Orlando.
    From Florida’s Census of Texting Violations:
    Orange County – 114 citations
    Broward County – 18 citations
    University of Florida – 0 (yes, zero, as in NADA)

    Hmmmm. A bit peculiar/odd/out of the norm don’t you think? If CURRENT laws were enforced, maybe the deaths/accidents would not be occuring at the rate that is leading local leadership to impose more stringent regulations on a roadway that already has the proper speed limits on them. The real kicker is the students crying for change are according to my observations, the greatest violators of current texting laws.

    Once again, a couple liberals are looking to blame someone/something else instead of correcting the more probable issue. I guess they think if they close their eyes it will go away.

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