Welcome to the new myGNV!

Press release from City of Gainesville

Try our new and improved myGNV app!

The City of Gainesville is excited to announce an update for how you receive news and alerts. You can now set your preferences about the topics you care most about in the new and improved myGNV app.
What can I do in the myGNV app?

  • Request assistance and services (like smoke detector installation and wellness checks)
  • Report non-emergency maintenance issues (like potholes, graffiti, and broken tree limbs)
  • Receive personalized notifications (across a variety of topics like recreation, neighbor engagement, and commission topics)
  • Learn more about the city and its amenities

How to I activate my account?

Step 1.Download the myGNV Mobile Application or go to www.myGNV.org

Step 2.Go to the Account section and select ”Don’t have an account? Create One.”

Step 3.Complete the required fields.

Step 4.Select the Create an Account button. 

Step 5.After these steps have been successfully completed, you will receive an email to verify your email address.

Feel free to submit them through the app at any time. We make it a point to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.​

How can I test new features?

The DesignGNV team runs weekly Neighbor Feedback Sessions where we test new designs and explore topics. If you’d like to participate and receive notices about opportunities, please sign up here.

  • Nothing new in Gainesville. Same corrupt leadership, high property taxes, exorbitant utility rates, corrupt lead…said that already…deserves mentioning again, corrupt leadership. Did I mention leadership is also made up of idiots who have no basic understanding of what a budget is, much less how to balance one.

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