Well-established power grab


  • Hinson was elected to the GNV city commission district 1 which is a single member district before she
    Became a state representative…now she’s saying
    That’s a bad thing… ha ha! ….

    • Nice one Jake…

      They should change their name to the HypocRat party. Self-descriptive and quite appropriate.

      The Elites. Got mine, now if we can just keep you in bondage and servitude snd prevent you from getting yours. That pretty much sums up their philosophy.

      Even when the Real Truth hits the liberal idiots over the head, they still believe…

  • The Whig Party was a political party active in the middle of the 19th century in the United States

    • The Whigs were a political faction and then a political party in the parliaments of England, Scotland, Great Britain, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Between the 1680s and 1850s, the Whigs contested power with their rivals, the Tories

  • Logic is obviously a subject not taught in cartooning school.
    Registered voters in Alachua County:
    Democrat 48.6%
    Republican 37.8%
    The Democrats do not have to “grab” power. By sheer numbers they “have” power, because educated students and professors are too smart to fall for the failed agenda offered by the Republican Party.
    But yes, the Republicans ARE a disgruntled minority who have the delusion that they should be in charge so they can cram their failed agenda down everyone’s throat. It is the disgruntled Republicans attempting a un-American un-democratic power grab. Jake got that right.

    • They must not be the highly educated the city, and you, claim them to be. What idiot actually votes to increase their own taxes? Smart? Anyone can be smart. Common sense? They must have thought they were giving out mints and decided to skip that class.

      Sorry, I forgot. Many of the students want the government’s handouts or are living on mommy and daddy’s income anyway. Those that have already finished school think the government should erase their debt for a loan they agreed to. Maybe the universities should start teaching classes in responsibility.

    • Tell me more about failed republicans policies and what’s so good about the current democrat policies…
      Our local government & Brandon have ruined the
      Economy & the dollar…is it only Democrat commie
      Hypochondriacs that where the mask? Is the mask
      Your political statement…your flag…your submission to
      Control?.. that stupid paper mask doesn’t do anything but
      Hide stupid Democrat faces…

  • the Gainesville City Commission was increased from 5 to 7 resulting in chaos & disfunction ever since!
    5 seems to be the magic number! (Supreme Court might benefit also?)

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