Wells: What is left to celebrate on July 4

Letter to the editor

This week, Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 6 to 3 that a sitting President is Above the Law – a Dictator accountable to no one. They interrupt our celebration of Independence Day to assert that The American Revolution was pointless, that the Constitution produced and ratified thereafter; that was Amended in the Bill of Rights, in the blood of Civil War, in protests for women’s suffrage and civil rights. They interrupt to tell us, after 237 years, that they just noticed that the Constitution makes the President a Dictator.

The liberal media has responded by loudly repeating fruitless demands for enforceable ethics, recusal, term limits, and Court packing – none of which touch upon the earth shattering criminality of that ruling. AOC in pledging to file Articles of Impeachment is the only member of Congress asserting that criminality. That Impeachment is of course doomed as Trump has used the interregnum to purge the Congress of Republicans that fail to swear fealty to him.

A number of people have noted that the timing of Trump v United States means that Biden now has said dictatorial powers. The Court appparently sees no danger in this – even though Justice Sotomayor noted in Dissent that the President could send Seal Team 6 in to assassinate, for instance, Supreme Court Justices. Happily Biden would never do anything like that. (I’d be happier still if he had like concern for infants, and people generally, in Gaza, Lebenon, Yemen…)

The Constitution of course is not at fault. Support for this dictator malarkey is found only in the facially Unconstitutional Precedents of the Supreme Court. The doctrine of ‘stare decisis’, the honoring Precedents, creates Precedent threads; each a metastasizing cancer.

Three examples:

1) By forgery and lies corporations came to be ‘people’ and the word ‘person’ in 14A used to create corporate rights. Last week the insane 6 overturned Chevron Deference giving judges oversight of environmental regulations, public health measures, worker and consumer protections. Billions of dollars of absolutely legal bribery can be expected.

2) By 1976 Valeo, 1978 Belotti, 2010 Citizens United, 2016 McDonnell – impeachable bribery became ‘political speech’. Last week the insane 6 ruled, Snyder v US, that Public Officials can take bribes for putting the briber’s interest before the public interest. The only rule in Bribery: You don’t talk about Bribery.

3) Qualified Immunity of police et al was introduced in 1967. And grew this week into Presidential Dictatorship.

How is it that we failed to reverse these atrocities? The Declaration of Independence speaks eloquently to this: “experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government”

President Biden could by “official acts” throw off such Government. It is his duty. The Insurrection Act, U.S. Code Title 10, Section 253, Part 2 authorizes the president to use the military against any two (or more) people conspiring to break federal law. Judges overwriting the Constitution by foul Precedents are in Insurrection and in violation of their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. They are literally breaking the law. Said Precedents must be eliminated and Judicial Review hereafter limited to compliance with the amended Constitution. Note in this regard that in the 1827 case Martin v. Mott, the Court ruled that “the authority to decide whether [an exigency requiring the militia to be called out] has arisen belongs exclusively to the President, and . . . his decision is conclusive upon all other persons.”

Note further that the elimination of actual bribery begs the question of how to fund elections. The most democratic funding, giving each voter equal input, would be that each voter be given a $200 debit card that can be used only to fund qualified Federal candidates; with candidates prohibited from taking aught else (self-funding not allowed).

The danger of a Trump dictatorship is eliminated. Both Parties will seek to win the support of actual people – and each will be better for it.

Tom Wells, Gainesville
Tom Wells is the Democratic candidate for Congressional District 3

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  • Tom wells is a F’ing idiot but that’s the thinking of most democrats. They have run this country into the ground including Alachua County and the city of Gainesville.

  • They messed with the bull by abusing the justice system, and they got the horns from the Supreme Court. Too bad they are such babies and will have to cry about it forever.

    Is Mr. Wells still banned from UF properties? They should add this letter to his permanent file there.

  • The SCOTUS solidified what has been in place since our inception. If the Dems had not been playing games with our legal system in the first place this would never have been in front of the SCOTUS to have to tell idiots what has been in place since our founding. Who the hell are the people that vote for someone with such a twisted ideology and glairing political spin . I hope this guy never wins an election in District 3 or any other for that matter. He and the likes of AOC need to leave the Dem party and bring some sanity back to all our lives. What an embarrassment. Thank god we are not locked in and can changer our party registration when it is needed.

  • It’s always fun to see when leftists truly expose how deranged and out of touch with reality they are. Trump was supposed to emerge as the fascist dictator in 2016, and failed to persecute anyone, not even Hillary Clinton.

    Meanwhile, the Obama DOJ spied upon and wiretapped then candidate Trump and his allies using warrants they knowingly obtained with lies provided to them by the DNC (through Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS). The depth and width of the operation makes Watergate look like child’s play.

    If any political party had truly weaponized itself against the American people and the constitution, it is the Democrats.

  • Hey Tom, why would the Dems block proposed legislation to prevent non US citizens from voting in the election?

      • You mean kinda like “the border is closed”? It’s a law the Left refuses to enforce so they can steal another election.

        • I prefer a President who faithfully executes the Law. And the law governing refugees and asylum seekers arriving at our border passed the House and Senate unanimously in 1980 and was signed byCarter, the last President whose character I admire. It states that said folks will be treated as honored guests pending adjudication of their claims. Why? We were profoundly grieved that in ’39 that we’d turned back a 1,000 jews at Ellis Island – most to die in gas chambers. You don’t like the law? Change it. Don’t just break it.

  • Where does Tom Wells get this information. The supreme court didnt change anything. They reaffirmed the law. We now have gotten back to where thing should be. Laws are supposed to be made by the Congress not by regulatory agencies. His ridiculous assumptions and ideas are part of why he was banned from UF and should show the people of District 3 why he is not the person for the job.

    • After 50 years of lobbyists buying positions on regulatory agencies (Boeing FAA – no flight testing of the Max, 400+ deaths; Purdue Pharma killing a million plus of our neighbors by lying that its magic opioid was non-addictive) the Court now guarantees a higher death rate.
      As to my wanton criminality, check out
      noting that at trial the hostess of the event in direct testimony stated she had not asked me to leave and on cross examination she admitted that, as advertised on FB, the event was public. As I had studied UF 2.003 & UF 1A free speech policy, my campaigning that day, as in perhaps 200 other campus visits was completely compliant. It is unfortunate that my lawyer Ray Washington failed to submit any pertinent defense exhibits… (A ruling to reverse is pending)

  • Biden is gonna benefit from the immunity decision more than Trump–Biden and his son need to be behind bars for their family shakedown racket, plus Biden’s illegal activities as VP, which are not protected by presidential immunity.

    • Don’t forget that many of the crimes which Biden is said to have possibly committed occurred during his time as Vice President. (Inappropriate possession of documents, threats to withhold foreign aid, etc.). The Vice President does not enjoy the immunities of the President.

  • Tom Wells reaction to the SCOTUS decisions makes it very clear why he should NEVER hold a legislative office. This man’s opinions are dangerous.

  • This tyrannical communist is dangerous and must never be elected to any office. Like other Democrats he doesn’t believe in the rule of law.

  • When President Trump gets his office back after that stolen election, I hope he sends the military in and immediately arrests all those liar prosecutors, judges, and elected officials to be sentenced to the firing squad.

  • Sad to say but is Mr. Wells suffering cognitive decline like “Old Joe” seems to not understand what was decided by the Supreme Court. Maybe a vacation to Gaza or Yemen would do him well. Please do not run as a Democrat, people like you already have ruined that party. If you identify as a Democratic Socialist or Communist be proud and run as one. Or better yet run as a “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte” NAZI. Since you are against Israel survival.

  • The thing that should be found quite concerning is that every idiot has someone who will follow them. Take a look around.

      • Yes, look at the Trump supporters… so, so many Trump supporters… everywhere you turn, Trump supporters… makes you wonder how he didn’t win, doesn’t it?

  • Tom Wells makes a few good points but, ultimately argues the fallacy of the Supreme Court violating the Constitution is offering a correction that violates it. His solution being the $200 debit card. Which by the way would be used for elections of people other than the Judges who are appointed via advise and consent of the Senate.

    Nothing says let’s follow the law by breaking it.

    Tom seemingly forgets the correction that is Supreme Court Justices are impeachable. Supreme Court issues opinions not laws. And should be treated as such.

    Tom is a Bernie Sanders and AOC acolyte though so…remember their whole Democrat Socialism thingy ma jig whatchamacallit. And I’m not talking about the candy bar.

    The real solution is an educated electorate of the Constitution. Its purpose, contents, and enforcement at the ballot box and throughout their elected officials’ terms in office.

    The Constitution is the rule book of the government game. How do you know if your Rep is “offsides, committing a pass interference, traveling” or committing some other violation if you don’t know the rules? You know the rules of sports but not government. Why not?

    The government is arguably 80% UN-Constitutional. Simultaneously this unconstitutional government is directly cause for nearly 100% of our problems.

    I will agree with Tom here, the Constitution is not the problem. People not following it and an electorate not knowing it is. Which thankfully, is so easily correctable.

  • This fool wants to be a politician? It is rare, but he is too dumb to even be a Democrat.

    • Doesn’t say much for the people who have his yard signs on display does it?

  • Sounding a bit like a terrorist and someone who is wanting to overthrow our government, aren’t you Tom? That is some pretty serious business, Tom. I’ve heard that people can be brought up on federal charges, be imprisoned, and could possibly be sentenced to death for doing such a thing.


    A little light reading for you, Tom, and for any federal prosecutors out there wanting to act upon it.

  • I’m guessing he didn’t get the memo! “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  • Brilliant idea Mr. Wells! Send in the secret squirrel team to ‘whavk’ anyone who gets in your way.
    And should you get in someone’s way, watch out or the same fate may await you! Vote RED this November 😉

  • Yet for some reason he’s not going anywhere.

    Just another lying progressive liberal, or is it progressive liberal liar?

  • Thank you Tom Wells, for making it obvious to me who NOT to vote for in the upcoming elections.

  • The writer is a climate cult clown candidate.
    SCOTUS made it clear the president has gradual immunity, not full immunity. There’s three common sense levels: constitutional, official and personal (lack of) immunity.

    The people who should be thrown in prison are the corrupt Biden family and every “journalist” hoaxster that tried to subvert our elections — simply because Trump wasn’t groomed by a career in politics for 50 years.
    👺💩👹🤡👿ACLUSPLCDNC lawyers and judges should go, too.

  • The party of small government and “originalist” SC judges has offered not a word of criticism for this court having ruled in detail for presidential immunity when there is NOTHING, NOTHING in the constitution hinting at it (it does grant some immunity to congressmen) and it violates the founders personal awareness and distaste for kings. Why? It is now the wholly owned cult of the Jabba of Park Ave , he who must not be encumbered by even a party platform and who’s droppings are as if pearls to his faithful.

    There used to be major US party which mixed the principles of economic and political conservatism with rights for all Americans. That party is dead and what follows has no principles at all except what helps Trump achieve his personal goals. Embarrassing.

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