Western Alachua Conservative Action to host debate for CD3 candidates

Press release from Western Alachua Conservative Action

On Saturday, July 18, from 6-8 p.m., Western Alachua Conservative Action will be hosting a Republican CD3 Forum featuring nine of the ten confirmed candidates vying to replace Congressman Ted Yoho. The event will be located in the Newberry Municipal building, 25438 W Newberry Road, in Newberry. Moderators will be Jennifer Cabrera of the Alachua Chronicle and Tim Marden, Newberry City Commissioner. The event is free, but attendees are asked to pre-register through Eventbrite. A straw poll will be conducted and results announced at the event conclusion.

Streaming and a recording will be available on the Western Alachua Conservative Action Facebook page.

The primaries are 30 days away. Races are heating up. Campaigns are beginning to trickle out television commercials. Residents are reporting as many as three mailers per day. But it’s time to decide. There is no substitute for hearing from candidates live and in-person.

The format will be long and short answers on a rotating basis, with audience question-and-answer as time permits. The forum is the first of its kind in the area because it is dedicated to a single party.

The western six voting districts of Alachua County are Republican voters, by an average 20%. Five adjacent districts covering greater Jonesville, stretching down to Archer and east to Micanopy, are a purple mix, voting 5% either way in the last two election cycles. Given the dynamics, organizers felt compelled to focus on the candidates the area is most interested in hearing from.

Candidates are expected to be in the area prior to the event, hosting meet-and-greet sessions at area restaurants or conducting door knocking campaigns and/or sign waving efforts.

  • Who is Western Alachua Conservative Action?
    Answer: Another John Birch wet dream of our Springs County wannabe Dear Leader Lil Tim.
    Just how many unregistered PACs does he have? The Weird Stuff files pudcast should get their cracked Research Team to investigate.

    • O.W. Douglas…I bet you were a Bernie Sanders guy
      Turned Biden Guy…who’s your pick for “sleepy joes”
      Running mate?

  • “Moderators will be Jennifer Cabrera of the Alachua Chronicle and Tim Marden, Newberry City Commissioner.”
    Sadly, I bet this will be a mask free room. Jennifer, you are a nice lady, for your own safety I hope you do not listen to that Len fellow who writes here, and wear a mask. You will be sitting next to Covid Timmy. He has been travelling recently during this pandemic on non essential travel, and being a real macho man and not wearing a mask. Now he wants to spread it to all of you on Saturday. From public records on the web:
    “Tim Marden is at Delta Terminal – Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (2939 Terminal Dr, Constance, KY).
    July 9 · Constance, KY ·
    Heading back to FLA
    Jeannette Browning Get that mask on.
    . 
    Tim Marden Jeannette Browning I’m hard pressed to believe a government that accepts taxes on cigarettes, booze, and promoting abortion and marijuana…is truly that concerned about our health.”

    • OW Douglas, if that is even your real name, I’m so happy to know I take up so much real estate in your head. You apparently go to the extent of creeping on my personal pages keeping tabs on my travel schedule and combing through the SC pages. How big is the file you have on me anyway? I am also glad you feel it is for you to decide what travel of mine is essential or not. Should I consider a restraining order, you twisted stalker?

      • No creeping or skill needed. Click a person’s name on facebook and every public post of theirs shows up in one second in reverse chronological order. That is not stalking. facebook calls it “connecting.” It is what they do. People who live online and share TMI have NO right to claim “privacy.” You post online for publicity, then complain people read it? Hypocrite. Clueless hypocrite. Wait till you run a county and have to comply with the public records law. You will go insane.
        Two true facts. I live west of 34th Street and have no plans of moving. I have no plans to be involuntarily annexed into Springs County or any other. Got that? You are too thin skinned for any opposition. You delete opposition on the SC page. You only want to pal around with people who groupthink like you. When you try to convince 100,000 liberals in West Gainesville to approve your county you will really see what opposition is. I worry about your mental health and sanity. You have started a project too big for you to handle.

        • Threatening opposition… and I am the unstable one? What kind of opposition are you talking by the way?

          • In the American democracy you claim to love so much, bad political ideas are opposed with every legal political method available. It is how a democracy works. And majority rules.

            You are attempting to move my house, my property, my finances, and my lifestyle into another county because YOU have a beef with the current BOCC. You seem amazed that I am not on board with that idea. You are trying to eff up my life and the life of 140,000 others and you expect no opposition? Really? Are you that delusional?

        • Dang! I thought for sure we could get OW Dumblass to move. Third true fact…You have too little intelligence or common sense between your ears to even begin to comprehend the fiscally unsound proposals the current leadership is sponsoring and implementing.
          Maybe you should go pack around with people like you.

        • Ha.. We are not even a democracy. I’m sorry to have hurt your feelings. Bless your heart.

  • KNOW YOUR REAL HOST Department News:
    Facebook Page History
    Name changes can help you see if the Page’s purpose has changed over time. If Page merges have occurred, that means that the Page has combined its followers with another Page.
    Changed name to Western Alachua Conservative Action April 24, 2019
    Page created – Western Alachua Republicans April 15, 2019
    I must say Lil Tim loves to start organizations consisting of a party of ONE (him) so he can own, operate, and be the Dear Leader of the Movement. Pump up that fake Self Importance. That’s the ticket to long lasting fame and glory.

    • O.W. Douglas…why are you so angry & hate filled with
      The ad hominem attacks? Bad case of Trump Derangement Disorder?
      I bet you are a real superhero self-quarantined in your
      home & wearing
      A face mask… you need to chill and take another hit
      Off your bong.

      • I’m glad someone else noticed. I find it remarkable that during our last president’s tenure that the moderates and conservatives were not near as hateful as people such as OW Douglas. He seems to hate this country so much. He really needs to educate himself about the community he lives instead of spewing such hate. Maybe he’s just filled with envy for what some have. That explains it, he’s just like most left-wing nuts, they want to take what other hard working individuals have earned and give it to someone else. Too bad they didn’t have a checkpoint for stupid before he moved here.

      • People are allowed to travel without a mask and catch Covid. People are not allowed to return to Alachua County and spread the virus by failing to self quarantine for 14 days after their travel. See the difference?
        There are approx. 140,000 people living in Alachua County west of 34th Street. Do you really think a majority want to secede to a conservative utopia of the so called Springs County? If so, you are delusional.
        Here is a great quote from the SC facebook page: “I’d like to see a lot more math and a lot less “inspirational quotes about loving something that doesn’t exist.””
        And another: ” I may be interested in making a donation. are you a registered nonprofit? where can i go to see your filings so i can do my due diligence?”
        As usual, no reply from the Springs County proponents, as they have no answers. When SC BS is pointed out, silence is their only reply. Except when someone asks a really good question. Then SC deletes all their posts and blocks them from posting on the site.

        I’ll be at the forum in Newberry tonight. See if you can spot me. Come up and say Hi.

  • Said a poster about me: ” He seems to hate this country so much”
    Excuse me, YOU are the one who hates this county so much you want to tear it apart. Can’t get much more hate for a county than that.

    • OW Dumblass, I said it. You do hate this country…quite evident in your self righteous rants. Maybe the city/county will be willing to grant you your very own little enclave in the “New Alachua” county. Funny you speak so highly of “New Alachua” county, I’m sure the leadership can find you a nice parcel of property or house that suits you.

      • Try capitalism. As in “Money talks.” Want me to move to the east side of 34th Street? Simple. Pay me. Start a GoFundMe page, and when you collect $10 million cash USD let me know. I’ll seriously consider your kind offer.

  • Live feed online now. 25 people with no masks spreading Covid in the name of Freedom.
    Rose Mary Woods is in the IT booth running the audio. Totally unintelligible. Sad. How can they run a government if they cannot even run a live audio feed?

    • OW Dumblass, I do hope that wherever your prior domicile was that they did not allow you to propagate.

      • The Alachua County Republicans live streamed a candidate forum for Congress that was an embarrassment. A fifth grader with a GoPro could do a better job. Heck a Kardashian sister can live stream better audio. When I point out this fact, all you can do is insult my family. Way to go, party of Family Values. Total hypocrites you are.
        Your change the subject deflection does not make me more likely to vote for a Republican. Keep it up. Posts like yours show the real truth why no one should vote for a Republican.

        • OW Dumblass, didn’t insult your family, insulted you just as you hurl insults at every person that expresses a different opinion than you on this particular forum. You author some very irrational ideas with total disregard for others’viewpoints. Maybe there is such a thing as “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” I’ve heard people talk about it but never have I seen it in full display until your opinion pieces. If you do have a family, I do hope they are permitted to live free and unimpeded by the radical lefts’ ideas. They are allowed to earn and make a living and continue to have what you and I currently have, the right to free speech.

  • I want to thank the candidates for spreading me around. They all used the same microphone, held it close to their face, and did not wipe it or their hands, just passed it to the next candidate who stuck it to their mouth five seconds later.

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