Wild Space & Public Places Fall 2022 Project Update

Press release from City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Wild Spaces & Public Places and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs are pleased to provide a list of completed projects and project updates in our ongoing efforts towards creating a world-class park system in the City of Gainesville. 

The projects in this update highlight a few of the many treasured spaces within our city. We are excited to reveal these improvements and look forward to enjoying these parks with our neighbors.

Completed Projects

Hogtown Creek Headwaters Nature Center

1500 NW 45th Ave.

Educational exhibits were developed and installed at Gainesville’s newest nature center at the Hogtown Creek Headwaters Nature Park. The center features interactive exhibits, as well as science programs for children and a guest speaker series for adults. The project cost was $50,000.

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Northside Park

5701 NW 34th Blvd.

Improvements to the tennis and pickleball courts were completed in August. The project cost was $23,464. New light poles and additional court lights were also installed in April to better illuminate the courts. The project cost was $63,500.

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Clarence R. Kelly Community Center Mural

1701 NE 8th Ave.

As a part of the City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department’s 352walls initiative, Haitian American artist Mwanel Pierre-Louis, AKA One L, created a mural at the front entrance of the community center, paying tribute to Clarence R. Kelly, who passed away in 2011 at the age of 56. Kelly was the director of the then Northeast Recreation Center for 35 years. The center was renamed in his honor after his death. The project cost was $9,000.

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Clarence R. Kelly Community Center & Park

1701 NE 8th Ave.

Construction of the new community center and park was completed in May. Improvements included the construction of a new 3,800 square foot community center and a neighborhood park. The park includes a new playground, adult fitness equipment, a full-sized basketball court, a fenced community garden, and much more. The project cost was $2,292,276.

A fence was also installed around the park’s stormwater pond in July at a cost of $9,850, followed by exterior lighting installation in September. The new lighting allows basketball players to enjoy the park’s court until 10 p.m. The project cost was $17,711.

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Tom Petty Park

400 NE 16th Ave.

Reconstruction of the four tennis courts was completed in October. The courts were originally constructed in the 1970s and required a complete rebuild. The project cost was $158,245. Accessibility improvements also took place in June on the path by the playground. The project cost was $2,600.

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Sweetwater Wetlands Park

325 SW Williston Rd.

Construction of a garage to house two future electric vehicles for the park was completed in May. One vehicle will be used for tours, while the other will be used for maintenance operations. The project cost, inclusive of the two electric vehicles, was $71,505.

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San Felasco Park

6400 NW 43rd Way

Construction of pétanque courts at San Felasco Park was completed in April. The project cost was $17,928. 

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Fred Cone Park 

2801 E. University Ave.

A fence was installed between the bleachers and the track at Fred Cone Park in April. The project cost was $14,000.

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In-Progress Projects

Albert “Ray” Massey Park

1001 NW 34th St.

Construction of a space-themed playground began in August, with completion expected in April 2023. The new playground will offer physical, social, and sensory play experiences for children of all ages and abilities. Fully accessible play surfacing and a colorful theme will boost imaginative play within the fully-fenced playground. The project cost is approximately $1,953,718. 

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H. Spurgeon Cherry Pool & Aquatics Center

1001 NW 31st Dr.

A major renovation of the 50-year-old building and pool at Albert “Ray” Massey Park began in January with completion expected in early 2023. Improvements include a new roofing system, new showers, restroom fixtures, lockers, benches, interior finishes and light fixtures, parking lot reconstruction, and much more. The project cost is approximately $1,678,294. 

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Public Outreach

Duval Park Improvements Neighborhood Open House

520 NE 21st St.

Participants at an open house were encouraged to provide input about a future play area at Duval Park. Neighbors attending the meeting were encouraged to comment on design idea boards and give additional suggestions.

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