Wild Spaces Public Places improvements to Hippodrome Theatre are underway

Press release from the City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville’s Wild Spaces & Public Places and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs are pleased to announce that work on the Hippodrome’s cinema and first- and second-floor restrooms has begun. Work started in early May, with an anticipated completion in August.

Some of the cinema renovation project updates include:

  • new theatre seats
  • new  light fixtures
  • new carpeting
  • new paint
  • a new movie screen
  • installation of acoustic wall panels

Some of the upgrades to the first- and second-floor restrooms include:

  • new plumbing fixtures
  • new toilet partition walls
  • new mirrors
  • refinishing and replacement of the existing flooring

Joyner Construction, Inc. is performing the work, and the estimated project cost is $337,570. 

    • Yeah…wasn’t it initially supposed to be to protect the environment? I think they even used wild spaces money for social justice murals too.

  • The City Commission tagged on an extra 1/2% sales tax to the “WILD SPACES” bill for pet projects, “INFRASTRUCTURE”. The bill was overwhelmingly passed because of the wild spaces name. Now that GRU is gone they will probably take more from that source. I assume no one read the fine print.

  • County to vote on using Wild Spaces funds for $3M settlement that halts housing project
    In 2020, Alachua County voters overwhelmingly approved an extension of the Wild Spaces Public Places surtax that included using funds on affordable housing, parks, conservation land and roads.
    And apparently lost LAW SUITS.

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