Win America Chairman Marlon Bruce is one of the plaintiffs in lawsuit against School Board Member Diyonne McGraw

Press release from Win America PAC

Marlon Bruce, Chairman of Win America, has filed a lawsuit against School Board Member Diyonne McGraw, Supervisor of Elections Kim A. Barton, and the Election Canvassing Board for Alachua County, demanding that the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court declare the District 2 seat of the Alachua County School Board vacant.

Last week, it became public that Diyonne McGraw had unlawfully qualified, run, and won her current seat on the School Board of Alachua County. Ms. McGraw has not now, nor at any time since qualifying, lived in the district she was elected to serve. This is a clear violation of Florida State Statutes and the Florida State Constitution. When presented with this finding, Ms. McGraw chose to ignore facts and remain in her seat. As the entities responsible for qualifying, counting, and certifying Ms. McGraw’s illegitimate election, the Supervisor of Elections and the Election Canvassing Board for Alachua County have been named Defendants.

“As a registered voter and employee of the Alachua County School District, I am incredibly disappointed in the revelations this past week. We are a community of laws. The people of District 2 deserve proper representation. The citizens and students of Alachua County deserve transparency and accountability. The School Board has made several unpopular drastic decisions since Ms. McGraw assumed office, including removing many hard-working employees from their jobs. Now her illegitimacy calls into question these same decisions, as well as any future decisions she may take part. That is why I and the other plaintiffs are requesting emergency declaratory and injunctive action that vacates her seat and prevents her from taking any further actions as a member of the School Board. It is time that we follow the rules as written. How can I, as an educator, ask young students to follow the rules when those who make the rules refuse to follow them?”

In addition to serving as Chairman of Win America, Marlon Bruce is Chair of the Alachua County Economic Development Committee. Additionally, he is a Paraprofessional and Substitute Teacher at the Sidney Lanier Elementary School in Gainesville, Florida. Win America is dedicated to aiding Chairman Bruce and other plaintiffs while also delivering justice to the people of Alachua County. To learn more about Win America and our Chairman, visit us on Instagram, Facebook, and our website WinAmericaPAC.com.

  • As a substitute teacher at Sidney Lanier, it will be VERY interesting to see if there is retribution, either real or perceived, against Mr. Bruce. His action at least shows there are some members of the black community that are not in agreement with Ms. McGraw’s dishonesty and her fellow board members that not only condone her behavior, but have gone out of their way to encourage it.

    The chair showed her own lack of character in saying it was an “emergency” that needs to be addressed quickly in endorsing McGraw’s own suggestion that the district needs to redraw district boundaries as soon as possible. Typical democratic leadership – let’s move the goalposts.

  • I am aware that McGraw represents a majority on the school board that enables a number of much needed changes. But I’m honestly amazed at how quickly people have essentially said “f the rules” in her defense.

    Local democrats are everything (and more) they derisively imagine the republicans to be.

  • They are not addressing the “root” cause of the problems that have identified. Can’t blame the schools, other students attend that aren’t experiencing the “perceived” inequities in education. Can’t blame the teachers, not all of them anyway, some of their students do well in the same class. School administration? Nope, that doesn’t work either. Administrators have been moved from one school to another. Doesn’t stop the Asian students from being successful.

    The constant – lack of parental involvement in their child’s education. Sometimes and arguably equally a cause, lack of a male presence in the home. Statistics prove it, testing results illustrate it. That’s what the school board should address in those predominantly minority neighborhoods. Address the real cause instead of blaming someone or something else. No one ever blamed Larry Bird for his “whiteness” for not being more successful in the NBA.

  • Is all this a publicity stunt to put his name in lights so DeSantis will appoint him to the soon to be vacant school board seat? With help from the Chronicle, the Fox News propaganda arm of the Alachua County Republicans?

    Memo to Weird Sort and Lil Timmy: Found: a Trumpkin Republican with (how to say this in the New PC manner?) Juneteenth Credentials. You always whine there are not enough Republican candidates in Alachua County. Run him for the County Commission as a Republican.

    • Isn’t that just like a typical liberal? Turning and devouring their own when he or she doesn’t fall in lockstep with the establishment. Sorry, what’s the word being used in today’s climate? “Cancel?”

      Actually O.W., you’re the whinny little kid. Always playing the bully until someone stands up to you or calls you out for the hypocritical liberal you are. Then you scurry away for a couple days or weeks until after you’ve had the opportunity to clean out your pants. Sounds alot like some of the current city commissioners in Gainesville now that I think about it.

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