Wishing Alachua County a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



2021 has been one heck of a year, and as we near the end of this one and get ready for the next, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished this year during my first term and what you can look forward to as we head into 2022. It is the honor and privilege of a lifetime to represent Alachua County and all of its communities in our Nation’s Capital; I know that there’s still so much work to be done this Congress.

On day one in office, the team serving Florida’s Third Congressional District was ready to get to work for you. With a fully staffed office and a team standing by to help our district, we hit the ground running. In Washington, D.C., Gainesville, and Orange Park, we got to work right away, diving into the issues you care most about. 

In January, we began working diligently on rural broadband challenges in our area, meeting with Windstream, SpaceX, and the FCC to determine coverage gaps, understand the timeline for service implementation, and learn more about how I can continue to push for better internet for the folks in Alachua County. We will continue to be a driving force for reliable, affordable, and accessible high-speed internet in Florida’s Third and are proud to share that thousands more connections have been established since I took office, including smaller areas like Hawthorne, Micanopy, and Archer.

Early this year, I also visited all six counties in our district to check in with health leaders at vaccination sites. In Gainesville, I talked with local leaders about the great work of Governor DeSantis and his team, who worked to put our seniors first, ensuring the more vulnerable citizens among us received the COVID vaccine in a timely manner when and if they wanted it. I met with some of Alachua County’s first responders and law enforcement personnel while there and thanked them for their work on the front lines during the height of the pandemic. We’ve got some incredibly talented leaders in our area, and I’m proud to stand with them. 

In Alachua County alone over the last year, I’ve visited businesses, local farms, healthcare facilities, innovative technology leaders, law enforcement headquarters, agriculture celebrations, festivals, fairs, parades, and everything in between. From Newberry to Waldo and High Springs, to Archer, Alachua, Gainesville, and back again, it has been my honor to serve North Central Florida. Hearing from you about the issues that matter most has been an integral part of my first term in office, and I know my team and I are continually grateful for the hardworking men and women who make these communities unique. Though what I’ve mentioned is simply a snapshot of the places we’ve been and what we’ve done, serving you, your families, and your businesses remains my top priority. 

In Washington, we’ve tackled dozens of issues, including government overreach that targets American businesses, our wallets, our national security, and more; protecting the right to life for the most vulnerable among us; countering the growing influence of China in our economy, national defense industries, institutions of higher education, and intellectual property; the disastrous crisis at our southwest border due to President Biden’s failed policies; evacuating American citizens and our allies from Afghanistan; supporting Florida’s farmers and producers; and fighting back against unconstitutional vaccine mandates at the local, state, and national levels. We know that the importance of these issues will only continue to grow as we move into the second half of the 117th Congress, and I remain committed to ensuring your voices are heard on Capitol Hill. 

It is the honor of my life to serve the American people in Congress. I am proud to be the voice for my constituents in Florida’s Third District. It is a privilege to be able to serve alongside patriots, on both sides of the aisle, who bring experience, intellect, and a love for America to work every day. I look forward to continuing to be a voice for the voiceless and serving you, my constituents, with all my energy and enthusiasm. I hope to see you and your families soon at an upcoming event or celebration, and I hope you know that we always stand ready to assist. 

From me, my husband Matt, and all of us on Team Kat, we wish everyone in Alachua County and beyond a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

  • All that we’ve accomplished this year? Let’s see…still have an illegitimate president in office, still have Trump supporters sitting in jail for a false flag insurrection, still have fake vaccines pushed on our military, still have Fauci not in jail, etc. etc.

    We’re living under anarcho-tyranny and we’re bragging about rural Hi-speed internet. New GOPe, same as the old GOPe.

  • Voting for a bill with red-flag laws in them is not an accomplishment a supposed 2A advocate should be proud of. These laws may seem a good idea in the face of all the lawlessness going on, however, they directly violate the 5th Amendment. Once we are stripped of our due process, nothing will stop the denial of the other. There are many in the House and two in the Senate will not be voting for in 2022 because of this.

    • Hey there, she didn’t vote for a red flag law. That was a mistake that folks spread. You can call her office and ask for Jessica, we would be more than happy to explain.

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