Woman arrested for embezzling $27,000 from doctor’s office


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Amanda Rose Gruenwald, 37, was arrested yesterday afternoon and charged with nine counts of forgery, one count of misdemeanor theft, and one count of grand theft of more than $20,000.

According to an affidavit from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, between May 26 and August 31 of 2022, Gruenwald was working in the office of a local doctor and is accused of writing nine checks from her employer to herself for a total of $27,000, forging the signature, and depositing the checks in her personal bank account.

Post Miranda, Gruenwald reportedly said the doctor wrote the checks and left them in an envelope at her desk, but the doctor reportedly said that was not true. Gruenwald reportedly admitted depositing the checks into her personal account.

Gruenwald has no local criminal history but has a federal conviction in a 2016 case on a charge of theft of mail matter by an officer or employee; she served two years’ probation. She is being held on $60,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • There are few things worse than a thief. Unfortunately, often times being a thief is associated with another – being a liar.
    The two can arguably be identified as the predominant characteristics of our esteemed local and federal politicians. Hell, I would be willing to bet some even have family members who have these less than admirable traits.
    One could also argue that thieves were handled more appropriately in the old west. Anyone else miss those days?

    • I agree about our local politicians being liars. Take that Kat Cammack for example. No one is a bigger liar than her (or bigger physically).

      • Kenny, You must be the constant “thumbs down” liberal for 98% of the opinions people post.

        Wasn’t around personally but stories get passed down, historical references that reflect on the things that occurred to combat crime. Some of the penalties imposed then might be a deterrent to the crimes happening across this community as well as this country.

        Might be worth a try instead of your continuing support of patting them on the shoulder, giving a lollipop and telling them to try and play nice with others.

        • Punitive solutions simply do not work. There are volumes of evidence on this.The Scandinavian models alone are extremely illuminating. You should check it out. The facts don’t lie.

          • Apparently neither the fuzzy rub or catch and release programs you support do either.
            That may have more to do their more civilized society than our uncivilized one. May also be a result of the demographics.

    • Well, a lot of doctors are complicit with their participation in pushing C19 shots to implement global reset.

      • LOL..the global reset. OK Boomer. Get off my lawn! Oh..and the “Storm is coming”

        • Cornhole: I want you to have the 2 Covid shots and the 2 boosters and wear that mask to protect me..

          • no mask for me. Did get the covid shot so I can participate in the “big reset” and the “storm” and other dumb internet conspiracy theories that an idiot on the internet made up to gain popularity with other idiots. If only you would wear a shirt or a hat identifying yourself so the rest of would know you are an idiot.

    • I hope you would listen to the evidence if you were selected for the jury, in spite of your anti-doctor bias…
      Many of us are much less trusting of the medical profession for various reasons, and rightly so. Especially after the last 2.5 years, when so many doctors let us down with outright lies or cowardice.
      But, it’s not good to paint all doctors with the same brush. There are some good ones out there. And some good doctors do get taken advantage of by their trusted office managers who are hired to keep the “business” and HR sides of their practices going smoothly while the doctors see patients.
      It’s easy to prejudge the cases we see in the news without having all the facts. I have been guilty of that myself…
      I hope your experience with doctors improves. Sometimes we need them to save our lives, or the lives of people we love…

  • Women are more inclined to low level white collar crime like this. Employers need to be extra vigilant when hiring. She had a record. I know we say “2nd chances” but she could be a cashier at X-Mart instead.

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