Woman arrested for hitting 88-year-old mother


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Jacqueline Wimberly Bivens, 59, was arrested last night after a caregiver said she hit her 88-year-old mother several times.

A woman who is employed as a caregiver for the victim, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, called law enforcement to report an incident on September 26. The caller said she entered the home and called out but received no response. She said that after she set down her belongings, she heard cries and yells for help from the back of the house and then heard a slapping sound. She said she opened the door to the victim’s bedroom and saw Bivens hit the victim’s arm with an open hand. Another relative was also present, reportedly holding the victim’s arms over her head and keeping her pinned to the bed. The two women were in the process of bathing the victim.

The caregiver told Gainesville Police Department officers that the two women were hurting her and that she needed the police; the caregiver said the victim was crying and that her only resistance to the two women was that she was trying to sit up. The caregiver said she told the two women to let go of the victim and leave. The second woman reportedly left at that time.

The caregiver said she then helped the victim sit up and gave her a napkin to clean off her face, then the victim threw the napkin on the floor and Bivens again hit her mother. The caregiver said she tried to get Bivens to leave, but Bivens hit the victim again before leaving.

Post Miranda, Bivens reportedly admitted hitting her mother but said she didn’t hit her hard; she described the strikes as disciplinary in nature. Bivens said it is overwhelming to care for her mother and that she finds it difficult to handle her when she becomes combative, as she does when family members care for her.

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Bivens has been charged with elder abuse without great harm. She has no criminal history and was released on her own recognizance with a requirement to have no contact with her mother.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • It doesn’t matter you shorten your lifespan when you hit your parents may God have mercy on your black soul

  • Probably would have resulted in the death of the elderly victim if not for the caregiver

  • It’s easy for you to go there because of (what) you read But reading and not seeing? Writers will write you a story, that is their job. I wish in my heart that they could really be honest in their writing. How can you allow it in your heart and push your mind to imagine the worst? I want you to Remember what you read but be careful what you say because it will come back at you. No weapon formed against her shall prosper. (YOU DON’T KNOW THE “REAL” AND “WHOLE” STORY).May GOD give you PEACE

  • What a sicko!! They should put her under the jail and throw away the key!!!!This literally made me so so upset as I took care of my mother who had dimetia and these people are helpless so why in the world would anyone harm a person in that condition.

  • American society needs to do a much better job of taking care of the infirm. While it’s no excuse, working with elderly demented patients can prove too much for the average person to deal with. We need to stop sending money overseas and take care of our own. This woman should be in a home with professional care.

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