Woman arrested for swinging box cutter in fight


Stacey Lee Terrell, 32, was arrested today on a warrant arising from a sworn complaint filed on October 24. She was charged with aggravated assault on four different victims.

According to the sworn complaint, Terrell was in a car with her brother, William Lee Gandy II, who was looking for the mother of a former girlfriend late on the evening of October 23. According to another sworn complaint, Gandy had repeatedly threatened his former girlfriend and her mother, and at the time of the October 23 incident, the mother and several family members and friends had gathered in the Big Lots parking lot because the mother was afraid that Gandy would come to her hotel room.

As Gandy and Terrell were driving to the hotel, they saw the family in the parking lot, turned around, and pulled into the parking lot. Gandy allegedly got out of the vehicle and punched one of the family members, and a fight began between Gandy and the family members. Terrell allegedly pulled out a box cutter and started “swinging it around wildly” and threatening four of the family members. While doing this, she accidentally cut her brother across the stomach. Terrell then put the box cutter back in her pocket, and one of the family members grabbed her pocket to keep her from pulling the box cutter out again, at which point Gandy allegedly started attacking that family member. As the fight continued, Terrell allegedly pulled the box cutter out again and threatened everyone.

Gandy then allegedly repeatedly rammed the car of a family member’s boyfriend with his own car, causing about $3,000 in damage to the boyfriend’s car. One of the hits pushed the boyfriend’s car over the foot of a family member, sending her to the hospital with a broken foot and gash on her ankle. Gandy was allegedly about to strike the vehicle again, but Terrell told him to leave, and they fled south on NW 13th Street.

A warrant was issued on November 19, 2021, for Gandy on a charge of “Felony Battery – Repeat Offender” for allegedly striking his former girlfriend on September 10, “having been previously convicted of battery, aggravated battery or felony battery on October 2020.” Gandy remains at large.

  • 🙄 I sure hope you aren’t going to be the next Blue city to descend into chaos,..

  • My suspicion is we’re seeing a post-Jab psychosis or a form of collateral damage that manifests as anti-social, reactionary behavior. Traffic accidents have increased too. I drive with more extreme caution than ever these days. The VAxx toxins and micro-clots are high on my list of suspects.

    • Sounds like a script for a Gerry Springer episode.
      Don’t think it’s the Vax because of the Tuskegee experiment…

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