Woman arrested in Porters shooting


Kara Amelia Williams, 31, was arrested early this morning and charged with attempted murder after a woman was shot in the jaw last night in the Porters neighborhood.

At about 8:22 p.m. last night, the victim called 911. Officers located her at 600 S. Main Street and found a single gunshot wound to her left cheek and a bullet hole in her front windshield. She described the shooter as a black female with short hair, approximately 45 years old, wearing nursing scrubs.

Officers searching the area were approached by Williams near the intersection of 200 SW 6th Avenue, and she said she was the shooter. At the time, she was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and yoga pants, but she later told officers that she had previously been wearing a nursing scrub top.

Post Miranda, Williams reportedly told officers that she and several other people had been sitting at the intersection throughout the day and that the victim had driven up and started yelling at them about how they were drug dealers. Williams reportedly told officers that the victim had been backing up her car and accelerating toward them and she thought the victim was trying to hit them with her car. She reportedly said she had gone to her car to get her gun and that she had shot at the victim’s car while trying to help a friend get past the victim’s car. She reportedly said that she was unaware she had shot the victim.

The officer noted that nobody on the scene called the police after the incident. He wrote that Williams had driven her car to her grandmother’s house in Porters, put the gun in her purse inside the car, and called her mother. She had no contact with the police until she approached the officer at the intersection, about 23 minutes after the shooting.

The officer reported that surveillance video showed a different sequence of events from Williams’ account: The victim’s car did back into the intersection and pull forward again several times, but the video also showed that the car doors were open at various points, and witnesses can be seen casually walking behind the victim’s car, seemingly unconcerned about being hit by her car.

The officer interviewed the victim, who said she had been driving through the Porters neighborhood and was approached by one of the people at the corner when she stopped at a stop sign. She said they asked her what she wanted, and she said she knew they were selling drugs. She said the group began to argue with her, and she started recording with her cell phone.

The victim said that Williams had reached in through the window and tried to grab her cell phone, and when she did that, she dropped her keys inside the car. Williams then allegedly opened the car door to retrieve her keys and continued trying to grab the phone. Another witness also allegedly opened the rear door of the car and looked inside. The victim said she then backed up, but instead of driving away, she “chose to confront the group again as she was mad at them.” The victim’s cell phone contained some videos that backed her account of the incident. In one video, the officer wrote that Williams can be seen walking between the victim’s car and another car with a gun in her hand; she continues walking while raising the gun and pointing it at the victim. The shot can be seen striking and shattering the victim’s windshield.

Post Miranda, Williams reportedly said she had never entered the victim’s vehicle but that somebody else may have opened the rear door. She maintained that she was in fear for her life.

Williams has been charged with first degree premeditated homicide and burglary of an occupied vehicle. She is being held on $815,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • WTF is this happening across the street from the brand new $million fire station, and renovated $million Lynch Dog Park on the deluxe $million S. Main Street redo? Oh yeah, one-party rule looks the other way as long as 99% of Porters’ voters keep voting the same way for 65 years. Isn’t that when they should retire, and vote differently next time?

  • It’s the worst part of Porter’s. Of course there could be someone selling drugs there. I would have my windows rolled up, my doors locked, keep moving, “don’t talk to strangers”, and try to avoid the area in the first place. Still, it’s still not what I’d call a ‘dangerous’ area compared to some of the neighborhoods off SW 24th Ave and Tower Rd, like Holly Heights, Linton/Sugarfoot Oaks, and Majestic Oaks. A little more common sense probably would have gone a long way. A lot of the Dems (like this shooter) are probably losing their minds as they watch Biden, Harris and his woke freakshow take a wrecking ball to the country, so give them a little extra space. “Don’t tread on me” should probably work both ways.

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