Woman arrested on charges of carjacking, attempted murder


Diamond Nicole Cromarty, 22, was arrested this evening on a warrant following investigation of a sworn complaint regarding a carjacking and stabbing.

According to the sworn complaint, at 8:00 p.m. on November 9, the victim was approached by a young black female while she was depositing her rent in the 3100 block of NW 13th Street. The young woman was riding a bicycle and reportedly approach the victim and said, “Ma’am, could you please help me? I’m homeless, I have nowhere to go, and I haven’t eaten anything.” The victim believed the young woman to be about 15 years old, so she offered her a ride to McDonald’s, but the young woman said she didn’t like McDonald’s and asked to be taken to Wendy’s instead. While on the way to Wendy’s, the victim started to feel like something wasn’t right, and she decided to go to the Family Dollar at NE 23rd Avenue and NE 9th Street to try to get the young woman out of her car.

On the way to Family Dollar, the young woman told the victim that she had an “Auntie” who lived near there and asked to be taken to the aunt’s house. The victim drove the young woman to the house, but when they approached the house, she was told to keep driving.

Shortly after that, the young woman allegedly began stabbing the victim and demanding her car. The victim tried to fight off the attacker but was not successful. The young woman reportedly kept telling the victim to get out of the car, that she didn’t want to kill her. The victim finally got out of the car, and the young woman let her get her jacket but not her phone. The young woman sped away in the victim’s car.

After the victim was released from the hospital, detectives learned from the victim that the young woman, who told the victim her name was “Katie,” had been living with her boyfriend, but the boyfriend’s family had “put her out.” The victim also said that “Katie’s” boyfriend had a green truck and that “Katie” was from Lake Butler. She also remembered that the reason “Katie” had asked her to keep driving was her boyfriend’s truck wasn’t in the driveway of the house.

The victim helped detectives find that house, but nobody was home. However, the family next door had a son who was dating a girl matching the description of the suspect. The family identified the girlfriend as Diamond Cromarty and said she had taken a bike from their son before Thanksgiving; the bike matched the bike described by the victim. The family had recently made their son and Cromarty move out. Also, their son drives a green truck, and Cromarty is from Lake Butler.

The car was found abandoned, with blood spatter on the interior, consistent with the driver being stabbed. Based on the evidence developed during the investigation, Cromarty has been charged with carjacking and attempted murder. She is being held on $1,000,000 bail.

  • This criminally insane person should not be allowed to mix in society. She is unworthy of this. I hope some bleeding heart liberal judge doesn’t let her off easy. She has forfeited any privileges to be free.

  • Didn’t Poe & Co want to “let some go” to “sorta build back better”? I’m a little unclear on that…can someone provide a little clarity on that whole episode? —-Diamond
    looks a little masculine to me…doesn’t look like
    He/she has missed any meals…”ma’am, I’m homeless,
    Haven’t eaten, have no place to go”?…yeah, most of
    The time, bums just want money…McDonald’s ain’t good
    Enough? McDonald’s is a real treat to me but things have gotten expensive because of Brandon. The cops
    Need to crack down on the panhandling bums in the
    Medians because it’s a Safety Hazzard…it’s not a free
    Speech zone because there’s plenty of places to have
    Free speech and the median of the street is not a safe
    Place. Do you tell your children to go play in the middle
    Of a busy street? The answer is NO. We walk on sidewalks or play in parks because it’s safer than the middle of the street. If anyone asks you for money or that they’re hungry,
    Don’t be an enabler and give them money or even food…direct them to Grace Marketplace! What a boondoggle that thing is…”build it and they will come”…
    Wasn’t it sold to us as “the 10 year plan to end homelessness”? It sure was…now affordable housing is
    Where the taxpayers give them free housing…yep,
    Go to Grace, then you get affordable (free) housing
    At taxpayers expense…what’s this about if you’re a felon,
    You’ll get a $600/mo stipend too? Gainesville: send
    Us your homeless, your criminals, your huddled masses…Didn’t Desantis do away with the sanctuary city BS? Don’t vote for anyone who says affordable housing,
    Climate change, or equity because that means they’re
    A Marxist mask wearing commie…they wear the mask
    To hide their ugly lieing stupid Marxist faces…Diamond
    Needs to be locked up for a long time! What’s the lesson
    Here? It seems the victim wanted to help her…so what
    Comes to mind is: “no good deed goes unpunished”…

    • Don’t vote for anyone who says the word sustainable
      Or who likes electric cars either. They sound nice but
      Are commie code words.

    • The median of the street is not intended for free speech
      Or commerce….come on Arreola, fix it! It’s a public
      Safety hazzard for panhandlers to do commerce there.
      How about I open a hotdog stand In the median of 39th
      & Waldo with no permit…I’d make a fortune. Is that ok
      With you? How about employing the panhandlers to clean up the streets? “Don’t be a panhandler, be a
      Can handler”…

  • Since November 25, the Chronicle has published approximately 11 stories on crimes committed in the Alachua County area. Of those crimes, 10 were allegedly committed by a black individual and 1 was by a white individual.

    Conclusion…not all black individuals are criminals and not all white people are criminals. However most crimes in Podunk, Alachua County are committed by black individuals and most of those are violent crimes against their own race.

    1. a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
    “the stereotype of the woman as the carer”

    Why shouldn’t I believe?

    • Maybe some more social justice murals will help…
      You know they won some kind of national league
      Of city award for them…There was a recent city email about
      Vandalism on them…

    • Diamond has been known for violent things in the past personally know her and this is and isn’t very shocking to me because she’s always been problematic

  • This is terrible. Now Diamond will have a criminal record and it will keep her out of medical school and stop her lifelong dream of becoming a brain surgeon and getting one of them there high paying jobs at Shands.

  • She is lucky to be in jail. Because I have bullet waiting for her if she gets out. She a waste of human matter. And I hope she gets the same stabbing she inflicted on my family

    • Bitch how about you pull up with that same energy touch my people’s if you want I’ll slap tf out of you and whoever rocking with you

    • the victim is my Aunt and we are happy this woman has been caught and we pray she never see freedom again

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