Woman charged with felony for helping her boyfriend escape from work camp


April Angel Canipe, 38, of Keystone Heights, was arrested yesterday on a third-degree felony charge of aiding an escape.

According to the sworn complaint, Canipe had brought lunch to her boyfriend, Walter Shane Davis, on October 30, while he was serving time at the Florida Santa Fe Work Release Center. He reportedly talked her into taking him back to Keystone Heights, but before driving to Keystone Heights, she allegedly took him to the parking lot of Sunset Apartments, where he cut off his GPS Ankle Monitor and threw it out the window of her car.

Canipe reportedly told officers that she tried to convince him to go back to the work release facility because he only had a few months left in his sentence. A third party drove Davis back to the work release center that evening. Canipe was identified from statements made during a phone conversation Davis had after being booked into the jail on the escape warrant. Canipe is being held on $25,000 bond.

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