Woman in critical condition after being hit by a truck outside HCA North Florida Hospital

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – On Friday, April 21, at approximately 10:35 a.m., Gainesville Police Department (GPD) officers responded to the area of NW 10th Place and NW 66th Street regarding a traffic crash with injuries. A preliminary investigation revealed that a woman crossing the roadway, in the crosswalk from NW 10th Place to NW 66th Street, was struck by a truck that was traveling northbound on NW 66th Street.

Nurses nearby arrived on the scene and rushed to the woman’s aid. The woman was rushed into the emergency room at HCA Florida North Florida Hospital; however, she was later transported to Shands Hospital due to the extent of her injuries. A GPD traffic homicide investigator (THI) is currently conducting further investigation. As of this writing, the woman is in critical condition.

  • I hope the woman is okay. What this tells us is do not pass go, do not collect 200. dollars, go directly to Shands because NFR is a joke.

  • People for the love of God please stop all your texting and driving!! When you text and drive you are JUST AS dangerous as someone who has been drinking and driving!

    • we have no idea on that yet. if it was the intersection mentioned, it’s a badly designed intersection/crosswalk with the Parking garage next to the corner creating a bit of a blind spot.. but still should be cautious driving around the grounds of a Hospital.

  • My goodness it is not even safe to walk across the street at the walk light or walk down the sidewalk with out worrying you could get hit that is so sad what is the world coming to these days stop drinking and driving texting and driving etc please keep your eyes on the road please savee us alli hope she gets some serious money for all her pain and suffering so sad hope she pulls through with everything in gods name I pray amen

  • Just because there is a crosswalk doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look both ways!

  • it’s also possible the driver had just had a procedure. yes, you are supposed to have a driver and all for most requiring anesthesia. but some do fake the whole having a driver thing.

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