Woman on pretrial release arrested after pouring barbecue sauce on victim’s car, closing deputy’s hands in door


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Asia Monique Delaine, 25, was arrested late last night and charged with burglary with battery, resisting arrest with violence, and battery on an officer after allegedly pouring barbecue sauce on a victim, entering his car and hitting him, then closing a door on a deputy’s hands and finally jumping from the second story to evade arrest.

An Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a call on Sunday about a dispute in Tower Village and reportedly found both Delaine and the victim covered in what appeared to be barbecue sauce. The victim reportedly said he had been at his sister’s apartment when Delaine came out of the apartment next door and started yelling at him. He said Delaine threw a heavy bottle at his vehicle when he tried to drive away, and when he got out to check for damage, she started pouring barbecue sauce on the vehicle.

The victim reportedly said that Delaine “began to get physical” with his wife, so they tried again to leave. Delaine allegedly opened the door of the vehicle and started hitting the victim, causing him to get out on the other side. The victim reportedly showed the deputy mud and dirt on the floor from when Delaine entered the vehicle.

The deputy placed a recorded phone call to Delaine, who reportedly said she didn’t know anything about barbecue sauce and that the altercation was never physical. However, she reportedly admitted that she “made a mistake.”

The victim’s wife reportedly took videos during the incident, and the deputy wrote that the videos led to a determination that Delaine had committed burglary with battery.

The deputy returned to the location to arrest Delaine, and she allegedly tried to run back into the apartment when he tried to handcuff her. She reportedly fell to the ground, and the deputy grabbed her leg, but she allegedly used her free leg to kick the door while the deputy’s hands were trapped between the door and the frame. Delaine allegedly continued to push the door closed while the deputy’s hands were trapped. He released his grasp and pulled out his Taser while Delaine allegedly retreated into another room and jumped from a second-story window to flee the area.

Delaine is on pretrial release for an October 2021 incident in which she was charged with burglary with battery. Judge Susan Miller-Jones set bail at $30,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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  • Wonder who the DA was that allowed her to be on pretrial release……

  • Maybe we should STOP “pre-trial” releasing these violent persons. They certainly do not appreciate the effort of giving them a chance to get straightened out…no, they just go out and continue assaulting others! Including officers….

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