Updated: Woman on scooter hit by pickup truck near university


An 18-year-old UF student was trauma-alerted to Shands at UF Health at about 6:15 p.m. today after her scooter was hit in the 2300 block of W. University Avenue. The driver who hit her fled the scene.

The scooter was traveling west on University Avenue, and the other vehicle was traveling east. The other vehicle made a left turn onto NW 23rd Street and hit the scooter. The scooter driver is in serious but stable condition.

Gainesville Police Department officers have identified the vehicle and driver and are actively following leads to locate the driver.

  • Thanks Gainesville leadership!

    You may not have been behind the wheel, (take that back, it could have been a city commissioner as much as anyone else), but your introduction of scooters into your own self-described hazardous pedestrian environment, contributed to this accident. Was distracted driving a contributing factor? Start enforcing “Don’t text and drive laws.”

    Apparently this scooter wasn’t on the sidewalk as most are seen. By the way, the scooters are labeled as “not for use on sidewalks.”

    Hope the victim has a safe and speedy recovery.

    • Oh! It was one of those electric scooters that they
      Rent, drive recklessly, & leave around town? They
      Should have to wear helmets and a vest with flashing
      Lights so people can see them…they need to get rid
      Of those things.

  • I plan on attending a City Commission meeting to officially notify the city of the grave danger to both the rider and to pedestrians presented by the unstable vehicles. I was presented with a head on collision scenario by a haughty young coed on the side walk. This thing was traveling at at least 15 mph and if I had been hit it would have resulted in grievous injury. This was not the first time this had happened. Maybe when the city, the commissioners, the rental company and the manufacturer are all successfully sued, this crap will end.

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