Woman seriously injured after being hit by fire truck responding to call


GAINESVILLE, Fla – A 34-year-old woman was transported to the hospital with serious injuries last night after she was hit by a fire truck responding to a call.

At about 12:07 a.m., Gainesville Fire Rescue responded to a medical call in the 800 block of NW 39th Avenue. According to a Gainesville Police Department spokesman, the woman darted into the roadway directly in front of the fire truck as the truck was arriving on scene. She sustained substantial lower-body injuries and internal bleeding and was transported to the hospital. The incident is under investigation.

GFR was responding to a medical call involving a female at the above location. As the fire truck was arriving on scene, the female subject darted into the roadway and directly in front of the truck. The female was struck and sustained substantial injury to her lower extremities, along with internal bleeding. She was undergoing surgery at the time of this writing.. GFR command responded. THI responded.

  • Maybe they should paint them red, put loud horns and bright lights on them so people can see them coming.

  • Just what Harvey & Co. are looking for, another excuse for not reducing the city’s debt.

    Then again, it may be a case of someone needing a house to live in – a very nice house at our expense. I’m sure some prominent attorney is already on the case.

    Either way, someone’s going to be in trouble.

    Just in case, if it was truly an accident, I wish her a speedy recovery.

    Next logical question is, how is the woman who was the initial reason for the call?

  • Either stupidity or death wish with big bright lights flashing you can’t not see it coming

  • How terrible for the injured woman, but also for the driver of the fire truck – to dedicate your life to helping others, and have something like this happen – sounds like it was unavoidable by the driver. Awful to show up to help, and have someone run in front of the fire truck like that.

  • She ran in front of a fire truck, sounds intentional and/or just plain stupid. In either case it’s not GFR’s fault.

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