Woman with 11 felony theft convictions arrested for shoplifting at Newberry Dollar General


Shaniqua Sade Glasco, 31, was arrested yesterday afternoon for allegedly shoplifting multiple items from a Dollar General in Newberry.

An Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a call about a woman, who was reportedly known to staff at the store, leaving with stolen items in her purse. Employees said they reviewed video footage and saw Glasco putting items into her purse and then walking out of the store.

Deputies contacted Glasco at her residence, and post Miranda, she reportedly said she had been at the Dollar General but had not taken any items. After she was told that she was under arrest for theft, she reportedly asked if she could avoid going to jail if she returned the items. When she was told that the store wanted to press charges, she reportedly reverted to saying she didn’t take anything from the store.

Glasco’s first petit theft conviction followed a 2009 arrest. She was sentenced to a year of probation but was arrested on a shoplifting charge five months later and sentenced to 120 days in jail. Later that year, she was arrested again for shoplifting from Beall’s and sentenced to probation, community service, and substance abuse treatment. She was arrested four months later for shoplifting from Hitchcock’s; she was sentenced to 90 days in jail with credit for 90 days time served, and probation was reinstated. In 2012, she was re-arrested for not complying with the terms of probation and sentenced to 15 days in jail.

By 2013, after a shoplifting arrest from Dollar General in Newberry, Glasco was charged with a felony as a repeat offender. She was sentenced to 6 months in jail, followed by 3 years of probation. An arrest in August of 2013 for shoplifting from the Dollar General on SW 34th Street resulted in a state prison term of 1 year and 6 days. In September of 2015, she was again arrested for shoplifting from the Dollar General in Newberry and sentenced to 1 year and 7 days in state prison. In May of 2017, she was arrested for shoplifting from the Dollar General in Newberry and sentenced to 2 years in state prison. In October of 2019, she was again arrested for shoplifting from the Dollar General in Newberry and sentenced to one year in the County jail plus two years probation. While on probation, she was arrested in July of 2021 for possession of drugs and use of alcohol. Her probation was revoked, and she was sentenced to 1 year and 7 days in state prison, with credit for 324 days served. She was released from state prison on December 21, 2021.

She has been charged with petit theft with 2+ prior convictions, a third-degree felony, and released on her own recognizance.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • How many times are you gonna give her for repeated offense. She does not care, Probation means nothing to her and neither does jail time, throw the book at her

    • Better throw something other than a book. She’s likely to pick that up and run as well.

      • How many times do you give somebody a chance for rehabilitation she obviously has not learned her lesson 11 times

  • Wow she need help ..jail ain’t for her..yall folks quick to judge people instead of helping her..what if it was your child are family members..would u post the same stuff u posted about this lady..hell naw u wouldn’t so stop the judge her..just pray & help her..everyone on this earth going through something..ijs.God knows this young lady problem…as concern citizens we should show love not been negative toward her..i don’t give a damn what her race..right is right & wrong is wrong…u all can pretend u better then her but your not…try your best to help people instead of tearing her down..question what will Jesus do if it was you. It’s time for HATE & judgemental to stop…if there’s a problem with my comment then u have a problem with my God..only a fool speak negative toward people..

    • She beyond help, help. She has had every opportunity given to her, she has been on crime spree since 2013 and has hit the same store like 5 times. You can’t help people who never learn from life long lesson.

        • That thief girl is a heathen. She get what she deserves girl. She made her bed and gots to lay in it now…lay down wit dawgs and u getup wit fleas..

          • I know her personally, and she is not all there, she needs mental health help, because as you can see, jail or prison isn’t helping…and help with drug addiction, and i assure you, she was not stealing food for her Children. Her aunt has custody of all her children and they are very well taken care of

    • Linda. Thanks for bringing God into it. Remember the 10 commandments or how to spell? “Naw”…The girl is personally
      Responsible for her actions. Give unto god what is gods, give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. When you
      Break caesars rules, you go to jail. When you break
      Gods rule, you go to hell. When will she learn? Is you

      • Linda Whitfield: Thou shall not steal!!! Thats one of the 10 commandments…that’s some real shiz girl…you
        Better go to a new church and not the church of Satan. It’s not ok to break any of the 10 commandments in the eyes of the lord.

  • Or, staying in a college town for 13+ years after high skool, because nobody told you to get out unless you can act right.

  • Aight, Maybe she’s stealing shiz to help feed her children
    Cause they ain’t got no baby daddy and she done
    Spent her disability check …it’s ok causa dat.
    That’s how comes she’s doin it y’all. Naw, you ain’t
    To be judgin people Jesus say: you without sin cast
    The first stone. Jesus has no sin. He can cast a stone.
    Wuzzup wid dat?

    • Hell yeah Jesus would throw a stone at the devil.
      It’s an unalienable right to defend yourself.

  • It’s a shame the comments being made. U don’t know her story. Judge and you will be judged. U never know what other people are going through. We’re supposed to bear one another’s burdens not criticize nor do any of us know what the young lady stole. NOBODY…AND I SO MEAN NOBODY IS BEYOND HELP. Apparently this lady is broken. If you aren’t willing to help don’t try and HURT another with the nasty comments some of u made. I pray God fixes her hurt and brokeness and it leads to her salvation.
    The weird part is somebody is still gonna have something negative to say. ALL I WANT TO SAY NOW IS 🙏😇 I PRAY THAT GOD STRENGTHENS EVERYONE WHO READS THIS….WHATEVER IN YOUR LIFE THAT HAS WEAKENED YOU IN ANY WAY.

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