Women arrested for breaking into and damaging mobile home


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Amiria Renee Brown, 18, and Itionna Lajancia Nyjah Thompkins, 22, were arrested yesterday and charged with trespassing and property damage over $1,000 after allegedly breaking into and damaging a vacant mobile home.

An Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a call from the management of Hidden Oaks Mobile Home Park that several people had broken into a mobile home and were still inside. The deputy reported that he could see several people through a window who were obviously trying to hide by “ducking under windows and pulling blinds down.” The deputy reported that they eventually came out of the mobile home after ignoring several commands. The deputy noted that four windows were broken, along with their frames, and the estimated damage was $3,000.

Post Miranda, Brown reportedly said she and Thompkins had used a brick to break a window and climb into the mobile home; she added that Thompkins had broken several other windows.

Post Miranda, Thompkins reportedly said she was invited to the mobile home by a man who was no longer there and denied any involvement in the break-in. The deputy noted that Brown initially gave a similar story but later confessed that they had broken into the mobile home together. Thompkins also reportedly gave a false name and birthdate because she has active warrants out of Alachua and Columbia counties.

A 16-year-old boy was also named as a suspect in the case.

Through their public defenders, Brown and Thompson both challenged the probable cause for the burglary charge; Judge Walter Green denied the objection and found probable cause for burglary, so both defendants requested an emergency transcript of the hearing for the purpose of appealing the judge’s decision.

Brown was charged with burglary with damage over $1,000. She has a juvenile history and was charged with possession of a controlled substance in October 2022, but the charge was dropped; Judge Green set bail at $10,000.

Thompkins was charged with burglary with damage over $1,000 and giving false identification information to law enforcement; she also had a warrant for failing to appear at a hearing on a charge of resisting arrest. She is listed as homeless, has three felony convictions, and is on pre-trial diversion on a petit theft charge in Columbia county. Judge Green set bail at $15,000 on the three charges.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • They weren’t really homeless, they had a home – just wasn’t theirs. Then again, since when do criminals concern themselves about other people’s things?

    They had excuses too, criminals usually do.
    Active warrants? Those catch & release programs working so well for the community again. Maybe next time someone can point them to Poe or Ward’s house. They may have the lights on but nobody’s home… hasn’t been for a while.

  • Lying, lying, lying. What a future. Go ahead, blame it on white supremacy and racism.
    Someone failed in raising these two and now a 16 yr old boy is being schooled as well. Pathetic.

  • Put it in the history book. You know….this is BHM after all? Need to word it carefully though to make sure it’s all the supremacists fault.

      • You Cultural Marxists….always trying to start trouble…trying to make excuses that being a criminal is acceptable behavior…
        It’s not. And I don’t care what color you are…

  • This is sad to read. Young adults, at the age that they can choose what kind of life they want to live choosing to start their adult lives breaking the law. Instead of getting a college education and getting good jobs, they already have decided that they want to be criminals. 18 years old and 22 years old. Already charged for drugs and now just breaking into someone’s property just because they felt like it??? They will waste their lives in jail and prison….but WHY? What is wrong with them that apparently they have no desire to enter mainstream adulthood! Why? These two young women, I’m sure, have talents that would allow them to reach out and help others! Maybe healthcare, or physical therapy. Instead of being so bored and committing this crime, why are they not volunteering to read to you g children at the library or helping (and getting país) to work with animals in vets’ offices. Why not become vet assistants? All within your grasp…if you give up your criminal bent……good luck.

    • Why you say? Maybe it’s a cultural thing…a lot of addicts & vagrants are just useless…they’re lazy & can’t work, they need to get high.
      Look at the eyes of Itionna in the mugshot…she’s so stoned

  • I love how everyone is so quick to judge. Brown is 18 and already served time in juvenile. Do you know how she was raised? Do you know what her living situation is since she got out? Yes she could have come from a good home and chose the wrong path. She also could have come from a terrible environment. When do the babies and toddlers and 10 yet olds that we see being raised in a bag environment and we say oh my gosh those poor kids, become someone we judge and talk shit about. After they have been in juvenile and surrounded by peers in a very impressionable age that are all criminals? I’m sure there are schools and neighborhoods you didn’t want your kids growing up in because you didn’t want them to be surrounded by bad influenced during a time in their life that they are so vulnerable and can go one way or the other. That’s exactly what happens in juvenile detention. And then when they are 18 and released there is no plan for them they may not have family or a home to go to, so the”friends” they met in juvenile look out for them and then the cycle repeats. Their “culture” in Gainesville is created in part by you… Because simple minded ignorant individuals think they are so much better than anyone and want their life separate. Since income class is so segregated in Gainesville, and the population of people with criminal backgrounds is so high, the lack of affordable housing in good neighborhoods, and the complete lack of programs that youth can be involved in, The failure in rehabilitating, the normalization with young kids in gangs and having guns, the drug problem that causes bad home environments and makes drug dealing a profitable job, the fact that our authorities investigate crimes for 4 years knowing that they have a murderer a drug dealer a trafficker on the streets for 4 years just watching and collecting evidence until they finally decide to indict them how many lives have they changed in that four years how many juveniles have looked up to them and they have influence ……. With all of this it’s hard for someone to thrive in the culture we have made for them.

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