Wrong finger


      • The only way to improve this is if Saco was pointing
        That finger towards Poe’s rear end…that’s where they
        Can put that mask and shot.

        • Notice the other hand behind their backs? I wonder what’s going on over there?…that’s where
          They can put their great reset, green new deal, &
          Zero waste…what a bunch of commie hater control freaks!

          • More likely their ill-gained monetary payoffs for private entities.

            Instead of a great “reset,” the state should do a great “audit” of every city and county commissioner for the past 20 years.

            When they’re found guilty, do as some of those Middle Eastern states would do to individuals caught stealing. Problem solved, no more middle fingers to residents.

  • They should dissolve RTS to lessen their CO2 emissions and promote people to walk or riding
    Regular bikes…not those electric bikes. All those
    Electric bikes, scooters, & electric cars are going to
    Burn up a lot of trees in that biomass plant…it’s not
    Sustainable. Where are they going to get all this
    Renewable energy from? Solar energy and tree burning?? We don’t have enough wind for wind mills…
    Maybe we should dissolve GRU and purchase wholesale electric from Duke or FPL. That, or get
    A small thorium reactor. Clean coal provides a lot
    Of jobs…we need to stick to natural gas for sure…

    • haven’t you noticed their reserved parking spaces @ city hall + their car allowance for charter officers? The bus & bike are for YOU not them!

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