Young bear eludes capture on UF campus

Photo credit: Kristen Grace, Florida Museum

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – University of Florida Police Officers responded yesterday to reports of a yearling bear in a tree on campus. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers baited a trap with donuts and cake in hopes of capturing and relocating the bear, but it disappeared overnight. Law enforcement agencies encourage members of the campus community to call authorities if they spot the bear.

Photo credit: Kristen Grace, Florida Museum

According to officials, young bears often pop up in uncommon places at this time of year as they leave their mothers to find a new territory of their own. Anyone who encounters a bear should give it space and report it to a non-emergency law enforcement number.

  • He’s just trying to get the jump on housing for Summer B and fraternity rush.

      • 39 incidents of physical contact with a bear in Florida in the last 18 years. In almost every case there was either a dog involved or it was a female bear with cubs. I would almost bet money that the rest involved a moron and lots of beer.

        • A moron should always keep the peace by sharing his beer with the bear. The UF frats would probably be up for that.

          • Not to say the frats are full of morons … at least while they are sober anyway.

  • The bear has more common sense than most humans. Maybe if they had baited the trap with real food rather than frankenfood….

    • Bears have a huge sweet tooth. Ask anyone that hunts or traps them. That why it was baited with donuts.

  • It’s a wonder they didn’t catch Mayor Back-Wards when using donuts and cake for bait.

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