Zero Waste Town Hall – Final Discussion on New Solid Waste Ordinance

Press release from City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville Zero Waste Subcommittee is hosting its final meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 31 in the City Hall Auditorium (200 E. University Ave.). This town hall-type forum is the culmination of nearly a year of subcommittee work in the city’s strategic pursuit of its zero waste goal.
Commissioners Adrian Hayes-Santos, Harvey Ward, Reina Saco, and David Arreola will join city experts Michael Heimbach, sustainability manager, and Solid Waste Program Coordinator Thomas Strickland to provide an overview of the new proposed ordinance and answer questions about how these policy changes might affect households, neighborhoods, and businesses.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Food waste diversion
  • Community reuse
  • Business and multifamily recycling requirements
  • Commercial garbage collection requirements
  • Special event waste diversion
  • Single-use plastics

The meeting will provide an opportunity for neighbors and business owners to provide feedback on the city’s new Solid Waste Ordinance. Limited capacity is available for the public to attend in person. Safety protocols, including masks and temperature checks, are required for meeting participants.

The meeting will also be streamed on the City of Gainesville website, Facebook, and Community 12TV. Virtual public comment can be made during the meeting by dialing in toll free at 1-800-742-1099.Participants may provide comments on proposed ordinance in advance of the meeting by visiting the e-comment option on the “Agenda & Minutes” page.

  • The real trash in Gainesville are the people masquerading as commissioners.

    There would be “ZERO” loss to the community if that trash was removed.

    People of Gainesville,… you’re like mushrooms. The commissioners keep you in the dark and feed you $h!t.

    Keep on believing…

  • They should be paying us for our recyclables at curbside
    And giving us a credit on our utility bills… plastic, paper,
    And Aluminum cans are commodities…this will create the
    Incentive to recycle… “turn your trash into cash” will work.

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