Archer mom files formal complaint after driver refuses to let her mask-exempt son on the bus

Vincent Camizzi


The first week of school is usually an exciting time for local children, but for Vincent Camizzi, it started with tears. His mom, Rebecca Camizzi, is heartbroken and angry. Vincent, a student at Archer Elementary, has an approved mask exemption due to his asthma. His mom made him a large red lanyard, with his exemption papers attached, so there would be no confusion at school about his mask-exempt status. Last year, he had several bouts of bronchitis due to wearing a mask for long hours at school, so Camizzi was happy that this year Vincent was able to receive a medical exemption. 

The year seemed to start out great, but then Camizzi found out that Vincent was told by his new bus driver that he had to wear a mask, “no exceptions,” because “we wear masks on this bus.” Vincent complied at first but was upset and shaken when he came home. The bus driver refused to let him on the bus Thursday morning, and his mom kept him home because he was so upset. After Rebecca Camizzi talked to the bus driver Friday morning, the driver let Vincent on the bus without a mask, but as soon as Camizzi was out of sight, the driver sent Vincent to sit by himself in the back of the bus. She would not allow other students to sit near him. Vincent cried for the 45-minute bus ride to school. His teacher contacted Camizzi on Friday to let her know how terribly upset Vincent was, and the teacher also let her know that the other kids said the bus driver was mean to Vincent.

Camizzi has contacted the principal of the school, as well as the transportation department. The principal has reassured her that they have spoken with the transportation department and told them they must allow Vincent on the bus without a mask because of his medical exemption. Camizzi told us that, despite this, things have not changed for Vincent, and the bus driver continues to discriminate against him. When Camizzi suggested to the transportation department that putting Vincent in the back of the bus was segregation, they laughed at her. Camizzi is upset and angry that her son is being bullied by adults. 

“It is heartbreaking to know somebody has made your child cry,” said Camizzi. She said there are very few students with a mask exemption, so she doesn’t feel that her son poses a clear danger to other children. She also said Vincent is a kind and gentle little boy who is deeply hurt by this situation. As tensions mount between Alachua County and Governor DeSantis, the Camizzi family feels that, like the children who are being sent home after providing parental opt-out forms, their son is a pawn in Alachua County’s political game. 

This morning, Mr. Jones, the Director of Transportation, rode the bus and met Rebecca Camizzi at Vincent’s bus stop. He did not offer an apology but assured her that Vincent would not face any more isolation on the bus. Vincent’s teacher reported that the bus ride was uneventful today. Camizzi was told that the Alachua County School Board Human Resources Department will begin an investigation.  

Camizzi has made a formal complaint to the Florida Board of Education and contacted Senator Keith Perry. As a mother, she is heartbroken to watch her son go through this, when she has taken all the correct steps to protect his health with the mask exemption. She feels her right as a parent to protect her son’s health is being ignored. This is also a clear violation of the Parents Bill of Rights and Florida Department of Health Emergency Rule 64-DER21-12. The Alachua County School Board is currently facing sanctions from the Florida Board of Education due to its violation of the law. Currently, the School Board said they do not plan to follow the law (although they simultanously claim to be in compliance with the law), despite the sanctions. 

  • This is heartbreaking!!! Shame in this bus driver and school district for discriminating and isolating this poor boy. The stress itself could have contributed to an asthma attack. I hope there is action taken here and consequences for all involved…. We can’t do better as a society! I hope he doesn’t think the whole world is like this now.

  • Well done, strong mom Rebecca Camizzi! Best wishes for a fun, educational school year for Vincent!

    (Thank you Alachua Chronicle for a local story no other media is likely to cover.)

  • Christ was crucified because he overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple and exposed their racket. They could not tolerate his threat to their profit making scam. It’s always about the money! UF is largely behind all the hysteria and paranoia in Gainesville. As always, it is about the money. The UF Center for Public Interest Communications took money from the vaccine pumping Gates Foundation to develop a “Guide to COVID-19 Vaccine Communications.” This UF-created monstrosity is basically a brainwashing guide that provides methods to twist people’s minds into accepting COVID vaccines. It reads like something out of a Nazi propaganda campaign. The entire UF Medical and local “health care” and hospital apparatus is complicit in being sock puppets for Bill Gates who wants to “vaccinate” the whole world and reduce its population. He stated this publicly. When lackeys in Gainesville such as Paul Myers and the commissioners tell you to trust your local doctors, they are complying with the UF-led brainwashing effort financed by the psycho software geek Bill Gates. Trust Bill Gates? He was closely connected with the pedophile pervert Jeffrey Epstein. Mellinda Gates divorced Bill reportedly because of his connection with Epstein. Get the UF covid propaganda guide and read it. You’ll puke. Follow the money trail. Your commissioners are corrupt. Today the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine. Read a book titled The Truth About the Drug Companies by Marcia Angell, M.D., former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. She exposes just how corrupt the Food and Drug Administration really is. Here’s a piece of data to chew on. Guess where they have the lowest covid related death count? Answer: Sub Sahara Africa. No masks. No vaccines. Their death count is 99% lower than the U.S. Why? Because they regularly use cheap hydroxychloroquine to prevent malaria. Gainesville City Commissioners and Alachua County Commissioners in my opinion are mostly money grubbing sociopathic frauds advised by bought and paid for quack doctors who are essentially owned by Bill Gates. Thus you are deprived of Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and
    other treatments. And now they make the kids suffer. Child molesters.

  • All this hysteria over a cold virus that has a 99.997% survival rate! The local bribed political hacks claim they are worried about “the children.” That’s BS. Kids are pretty much unaffected by the covid cold virus. The ones who are sick are coming down with RSV which is a seasonal respiratory infection. Using a phony PCR test which nearly always shows false positives, they claim the kids are “cases.” It would not matter if every child in the world got COVID because they would all get well naturally. Their immune system keeps them safe. Since what the local political hacks are doing obviously makes no sense, then they must have an agenda. Follow the money people. Follow the money.

    • A. Paco Liptz. I see why you are confused. You really suck at math and science! Where are you getting the 99.997% number from? Do you have any idea how a PCR test works? Do do know that RSV and Covid-19 are completely separate viruses – right? I am sure the parents of the kids currently admitted at Shands would agree that their kids will get better naturally – oh wait not all of their kids survived!

      Don’t get me wrong, the bus driver was acting like a donkey’s behind here! And I feel bad for the kid and his mom did the right thing.

  • I’m so sorry your little one was treated so badly. He’s just the cutest, and I wish him and your family the best year ever. Thank you for being the mama bear when needed!

  • If he is maskless keep him away from ppl kids… you don’t want him isolated drive him to school… nobody shouldn’t have to subject their kids to your child because he is maskless

  • America the Idiocracy. Hysteria. Paranoia. Feelings. No thoughts. Lots of child molesters.

  • The single most prevalent form of child abuse in this country is the act of sending a child to a government school. We worry incessantly about the separation of church and state. We would do well to devote half as much attention to the separation of government and education.
    Neal Boortz
    He had it right many years ago. Stop sending your kids to public schools!

  • So if all the other children and driver are masked and everyone is under the assumption that mask save lives. Then what’s the problem with this child who doesn’t have it, shouldn’t everyone else be safe then, with this obserd thinking?

  • A commercial drivers license (CDL) is issued by the state but governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Maintaining a CDL requires meeting a number of Federal regulations.
    Currently the Federal government requires face-masks on “public transportation”
    SO the question here is the driver governed by Florida or Federal law?
    The Federal government can suspend a driver’s CDL for violating federal law.
    Clearly the child is medically exempt once at school. Not so clear is what the law is on the bus, Federal or State? Was the bus driver complying with federal rules required to maintain their CDL? ACPS Transportation Department should provide the answer?

  • the mother did the correct thing filing an official complaint:
    Apparently the school bus is regulated by federal law: According to (the federal) order, drivers and passengers on school buses will be required to wear face coverings. Exemptions exist for those age 2 or younger; those with a disability that prevents mask wearing and for those whom wearing a mask would create a risk to workplace health, safety. or job duty.
    But the ACPS medical form may not satisfy the federal disability requirement for mask exemption? ACPS Transportation Department should respond to the mothers formal complaint explaining how the child can obtain a federal disability waiver?
    But as it stands now it looks like the driver has the (federal) law in their side!

    • (WCJB) -Alachua County Public Schools leaders are searching for people to help with the bus driver shortage. In addition to hiring more bus drivers, school district leaders are now tasked with finding a replacement for the Director of Transportation, who is requesting a transfer of positions.

  • the mother (& child) may owe the driver an apology? (not visa-versa)
    Looks like the driver was correctly applying Federal “public transportation” requirements?
    The driver must comply with Federal law to keep their CDL!
    Let’s see the ACPS Transportation Department’s reply to the mother’s “formal”

  • (WCJB) -Alachua County Public Schools leaders are searching for people to help with the bus driver shortage. In addition to hiring more bus drivers, school district leaders are now tasked with finding a replacement for the Director of Transportation, who is requesting a transfer of positions

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